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What a week!

If you did not get a chance to come out and see any of our students show mastery in the classroom, perform on the field, the court, or the stage last week, you missed out! I am continually blown away by the talent that our students show inside and outside of the classrooms at MHS. I challenge you in the month of February to go watch students demonstrate learning in another classroom during your conference time (bonus points if you watch someone outside your content area) and attend at least one extracurricular activity. You will not regret it!

Thank you for how you, as a staff, handled the disruption last week. If you would like to know exactly what occurred, and the thought process behind the decisions made related to ensuring our students' safety, please reach out to me.

The McKinney High School

We are the original, the beacon, the bridge between the past and the future for the city of McKinney.

Did you know?

Lyndon Baines Johnson's (Rebekah) mother was born right here in McKinney, Texas.

MHS Teacher Events

  • 2/2 ILT Meeting F101 @ 7:30 a.m.
  • 2/3 House Secretaries Meeting from last week F101@ 2:45 p.m.

National Counselors Week

This week is National School Counseling Week. Please take a moment to recognize the hard work our counselors do everyday. Thank you Jennifer, Jeff, Diana,Melissa, Pam, and Susan for what you do for MHS students.

Wanna wear jeans for a week?

How would you like to wear jeans with ANY SHIRT in your closet for an ENTIRE WEEK (must be within MHS dress code guidelines :) )?!?! You know those cute shirts (Mark Bayer??) you never get to wear because they don’t say MHS or have a lion on them? Well, have we got a deal for you! For just $15, you, too, can wear (almost) any shirt you want with your favorite comfy blue jeans the ENTIRE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 8th!!! All proceeds will benefit our First in Family program!!!

To cash in on this great deal, please bring $15 (cash or check) to me (Sara Arnold) in room F203 any time next week. I will need to write you a receipt when you turn your money in, as well as get your name on our list of First in Family supporters. So be sure you see me (or Kim Montgomery if I am out) to be a part of this exciting event!

Coming Student Events

  • 2/1 Yoga Club
  • 2/1 softball vs. Celina @ 5:00 (Home)
  • 2/1 Girls Soccer vs. Sherman @ 5:30 (Away)
  • 2/1 Boys Soccer vs. Sherman @ 7:30 (Away)
  • 2/2 Girls Basketball vs. Wylie East @ 6:15 (Away)
  • 2/2 Boys Basketball vs. Wylie East @ 7:30 (Away)
  • 2/2 Student Outdoor Experience Club
  • 2/3 Key Club
  • 2/4 Wrestling District 9-5A Lovejoy HS @ 12:00 (Away)
  • 2/4 Powerlifting Frisco Centennial Meet @ 3:00 (Away)
  • 2/4 Jesus Christ Movement Club
  • 2/4 - 2/6 Swim/Dive Region 3 Diving Frisco Natatorium @ 3:00 (Away)
  • 2/4 Track & Field Allen Practice Meet @ 4:00 (Away)
  • 2/5 Tennis Ennis Varsity Tournament @ 8:00 am (Away)
  • 2/5 Girls Basketball vs. Prosper @ 6:15 (Home)
  • 2/5 Boys Basketball vs. Prosper @ 7:30 (Home)
  • 2/5 Girls Soccer vs. North @ 5:30 (Home)
  • 2/5 Boys Soccer vs. North @ 7:30 (Away)

Student Achievements

Last year Bonnie Banks received an MEF grant of $1,160 for a joint student based business venture. The money allowed her class to purchase supplies which enabled the students to create one of a kind stationary, jewelry, scarves, key chains and post it notes. These items will then be sold to MHS staff and student body during lunch. FAC students brainstormed the business name and logo as well as where and when to sell their hand made gifts. The students worked collectively designing, creating , packaging, and price marking their wares. On Monday, February 1st students plan to offer these items for sale at all 5 lunch periods or until their supply is exhausted. Please support our FAC-STC students and wish them great success in this new venture.

Worth Reading

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Nuts & Bolts Reminders

  • Lesson Plans are due in Forethought by 7:30 each Monday.
  • Students should not be in the hall without a pass.
  • Tutoring is from 2:40 until 3:15 (students must stay the whole time).


There is a new link / form for announcements. All announcements should be submitted to the link below by 8:00 on the day you need the announcement. If the link does not work, email:

A safety note

Please review our lockdown procedures. We are due for an unannounced lockdown. Please make sure you have the blue and green cards along with the binder clips. If you have any questions, please see Mike Bennett.

This Week's Birthdays

  • 2/1 Gordon Butler (good thing his wife edits his newsletters ;) )
  • 2/3 Jeff Cranmore
  • 2/3 Karen Gallgher
  • 2/4 Kirstin Bell