Tina Boothe Fundraising!

We're almost there!

Tina officially kicked brain cancer's butt. Yay!

But she did so with the help of a lot of expensive doctors and medications. Unfortunately, these medications have left her with a number of awful side effects. The culmination of all of this has forced her to take short term disability, which has brought on some financial hardships.

Tina and her husband Aaron are working to get their finances in order, but in the meantime need help to fulfill the basic needs of their family. They are several ways you can help:
- provide groceries.
- donate gift cards (Target, Walmart, Safeway, King Soopers...)
- make a freezable meal.
- cash donations.
- email floruda@yahoo.com with any fundraising programs.
- anything else you can think of!

Anything you can do is greatly appreciated. Bivins & Bunyak is an amazing local tax and finance firm that has offered to receive donations for Tina at their offices in order to keep Tina's home address private. Please send donations to: Bivins & Bunyak CPA, c/o Tina Boothe, 2460 W. 26th Ave., Suite 465-C, Denver, CO 80211. Please note that cash and checks are preferred but FundRazr is also welcome.