A Despondency for the Hawaiians,

a triumph for the Americans - the overthrow of the monarchy.


The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893 would not have been possible without the role of President Cleveland, President McKinley, and U.S. Minister John Stevens played.

Historical Significance

The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was made possible by Americans. It did not matter whether they were for annexation of Hawaii or not; they all played a big role to it. Three of those people are President Cleveland, President McKinley, and U.S. Minister John Stevens. Such event still left the native Hawaiians in melancholy and repugnance, and that is why it should not be forgotten and is very important in history. It had such a big impact on Hawaii all economically, socially, and politically. Who would have thought that an island that values its tradition, culture, and nature would be transformed drastically. So drastic to the point where native Hawaiians themselves were stripped away from their tradition and culture because the missionaries and Americans that settled on the land had a goal of "civilizing" them. As a result, not only did they lose the things they value, but they also lost the land they love .. forever. Because of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, more foreigners came to populate the islands of Hawaii. Soon, there were more foreigners compared to the natives, and Hawaii eventually became a part of the United States. Hawaiians no longer get to practice their tradition as much because they now have to take on the responsibilities and duties of being an American citizen. Not only that, but Hawaiian lands have also developed so drastically in a way native Hawaiians did not want. Tall buildings, bizarre technologies, and individuals who knows nothing about the history of Hawaii, unfortunately, started to colonize the islands. The overthrow of Hawaiian kingdom led to radical changes in all aspects of life of every native Hawaiian, thus it shall never be forgotten.

Is Hawai'i legally and lawfully a state of the union?

Hawaii is illegally and unlawfully a state of the union. Reason being is because 1) Hawaiian kingdom led by Queen Lili'uokalani was illegally overthrew by the Committee of Safety, and 2) U.S. Minister John L. Stevens recognized Sanford Dole as the president of the provisional government of Hawaii. First, the Committee of Safety took illegal actions to overthrow the monarchy. Specifically, when the committee called John Stevens to summon the U.S. Marines to Hawaii. This was an act against the law because not the congress nor the president were informed about such action and actually agreed to the actions taken by Stevens. It is illegal for military to invade a nation without the consent from the president or congress. Most importantly, however, it was unethical how John Stevens recognized Dole as the president of the new provisional government of Hawaii when he did not even had the right to do such action. Not only was this not acknowledged by the president and congress, but it was also not favored by the native Hawaiians.

Supplemental Information

Keanu Sai, the minister of interior for Council of Regency Hawaiian Kingdom, comprehensibly talked about how the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was illegal and unlawful.
Attempted Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom,1893


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