Uranium is cool, just like U

Just for U:

Uranium is element 92 on the Periodoic table. This element was first discovered in Germany by a man named Martin Klaproth in 1789. This element has an atomic mass of 238.03 and is a Metallic Gray. Uranium has no biological role in the world of science. It is used for Nuclear fuel, and is a synthesis of isotopes. Some of the earth's interanl heat comes from the Uranium dug into the different layers.

Cool Facts for U

  • Uranium is a radioactive metalloid.
  • The name Uranium originated from the newly discovered planet, Uranus.
  • Sometimes, this element is refered to as a Vaseline Gas.

The Basics of U-ranium:

  • Symbol- U
  • Atomic Number- 92
  • Atomic Wieght- 238.03
  • Group- 7
  • Period-6
  • Color- Metallic Gray
  • Classification- Metalloid