A life threatening disease

what is malaria?

Malaria is a germ that you get by getting bitten by a mosquito. People get malaria in tropical places more than any other place.If you get the disease you will have chills,headache,muscle ache,and tiredness.

where malaria is found ?

Malaria is found where mosquitoes are found.Tropical places like Africa are more common for malaria.

How to prevent mlaria

Keep nets over your bed to prevent mosquito from biting you.Another way is to spray your house with bug repellent.

what malaria is

Malaria is found in the stomach of female mosquitoes stomach.Every time the insect sucks someones blood the germ slips in the blood sell of the human

the symptoms of malaria

If you catch malaria you feel tired drowsy,and you have mussel sores and headaches