Van Alstyne Middle School 6th Grade 7th Period Newsletter


Girls' Style

by: Camryn Adams

#1- Leggings and long shirts and sandals

#2- Short shorts and loose tank tops with sandals or converse/vans

#3- Super-hero t-shirts with (skinny) torn jeans and converse/vans

#4- Athletic wear with tennis-shoes

#5- Dresses with short fronts and long backs with sandals or heels

*Accessories- Colorful nails, sunglasses, large (nerd) glasses, hoods, flat-bill hats

*Colors- Mint and turquoise

Boys' Style

by: Camryn Adams

#1- Loose shirts and knee-length shorts with tennis-shoes

#2- Tight athletic shirts with knee-length shorts and tennis-shoes

#3- Hoods with skinny jeans and converse/vans

#4- Sweaters with skinny jeans and converse/vans

#5- A dress shirt with a tie and slacks as well as dress shoes or converse/vans

*Brands- Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Jordans, Vans, Converse

*Colors- Neon yellow and blue

Top 10 Country Songs

By: Liz Ward

Take Your Time-Sam Hunt

Homegrown-Zac Brown Band

Drinking Class-Lee Brice

Ain’t Worth the Whiskey-Cole Swindell

Girl Crush-Little Big Town

Say You Do-Dierks Bentley

Sippin' on Fire-Florida Georgia Line

A Guy Walks Into a Bar-Tyler Farr

Lonely Eyes-Chris

Don’t It-Billy Young Currington

compiled from www.billboard.com/

Top 10 Pop/Hip-Hop Songs

By: Liz Ward

Uptown Funk-Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson

Love Me Like You Do-Ellie Goulding

See You Again-Wiz Khalifa/Charlie Puth

Sugar-Maroon Five

Fourfiveseconds-Rihanna/Kanye West/Paul McCartney

Thinking Out Loud-Ed Sheeren

GDFR-Flo Rida ft Sage the Gemini, McCartney

Earned It-The Weekend

Shut Up and Dance-Walk The Moon

Trap Queen-Fetty Wap

compiled from www.billboard.com/

Top Trending Phone Apps

by Camryn Adams

Minecraft- 6.99

Doc McStuffins- 1.99

Sago Mini Toolbox- 2.99

Halo- 9.99

Five Nights at Freddie’s- 2.99

from App Store

Top Trending Words

By: Camryn Adams

1. Bae

2. Flex

3. Yolo

4. Or Nah

5. Slay

from an Internet search

Teachers' Favorite Books

By: Liz Ward

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Anna Karenria

Wrinkle in Time

from interviews

Teachers' Favorite Movies

By: Liz Ward

Fox and The Hound

The Sound of Music

Pelican Brief

from interviews

Featured Student and Featured Teacher

by Clarissa Hernandez, Adriana Morales, and Hayley Gheen

Featured student: Raeley Thompson

Featured teacher: Mrs.Sevarino

“I think that all the students should be the featured student and the featured teacher should be Mrs.Sevarino because she is a really hard-working teacher,” says Mrs.Edmondson.

What’s UpDate

6th Grade Calendar

by Ashlyn Karguth and Chesney Harris

April 29: Girls Basketball Tryouts

April 30: Medieval Times 6th Grade Field Trip & After School Band Practice 3:30 to 4:30

May 1: Boys Night Out

May 4: EMERGE with Ms. Mckenzie (after school)

May 5: After School Band Practice 3:30 to 4:30

May 7: Spring Band Concert

May 8: Girls Night Out

May 15: Cheer Tryouts

May 18-20: Benchmark Testing May 18: Spring Choir Concert

June 5: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! :)

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April and May Birthdays

by Sydney Martinez

April Birthdays

Clarissa Hernandez 4/8

Morgan Brutan 4/17

Brett Long 4/17

Alex Hill 4/23

Sydney Martinez 4/24

Aimee Baldwin 4/24

May Birthdays

Miguel Tarango 5/01

Kathryn Jones 5/02

Shane/McFarland 5/27

Sam Petelski 5/28

Kinsey Lock 5/29

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Poll: Favorite Cafeteria Meals

by Sydney Martinez




Middle School Science Subjects

by Joey Caldwell and Boston Hammonds


7th-Body parts

8th-Constructing rockets

Teacher Emails

By: Adriana Morales and Kianna Corbray

Hagan- shagan@vanalstyneisd.org

Severino- severino@vanalstyneisd.org

Edmondson- kedmodson@vanalstyneisd.org

Murray- dmurray@vanalstyne.org

Atchison- matchison@vanalstyneisd.org