What's New In 126a

Weekly updates and reminders (Nov. 6, 2015)

Please plan to join us for our Kindergarten Holiday Concert on Tuesday December 8 at 2:30 in the Senior Gym

What We've Been Up To

Last week, we began learning about the Little Engine That Could and used the story to encourage students to try new things. You can help your child to gain greater independence by saying "let me see you try..." before helping your child complete everyday tasks such as getting dressed, doing up zippers, and opening snack packs.

As the holiday season approaches, you might also consider asking your children to help your write holiday cards. This is a great, real-life opportunity to encourage kids to practice writing (even if it's just to sign their own names).

We also began talking about family traditions and celebrations through our show & tell theme for the month. We've had some great traditions so far!

This week we will be having a dress rehearsal for our concert on Monday afternoon. Then, of course our concert presentation in the Senior Gym on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. Please note that if you are coming to the concert on Tuesday, parents are asked to please stay seated in the gym until all classes have exited at the end of the concert. We will meet you at our normal dismissal spot once we have returned to the classroom and collected all of our belongings.

With Hannukah beginning on Monday evening, we will also be learning about some of the symbols and traditions associated with this holiday. To go along with this, we will also be learning about the art and life of Vincent van Gough, and learning about the techniques of creating art like van Gough's.

Our art centre is in need of paper rolls (left over from toilette paper and paper towels). If you have a few at home, please send them in your child's zippie.

Coming Up This Week

Special Helpers

This week's special helpers are:

Monday Amy

Tuesday Ellie & Stella

Wednesday Charlotte, Ella, & Sofia

Thursday Martin, Sarah, & Ted

Friday Moritz & Ellis

Special helpers in December are asked to bring in an artifact that represents their favourite family tradition. Traditions can be anything that your family does on a regular basis: annual celebrations, birthdays, annual trips, regular weekend activities, family game nights, etc... Please talk to your child about the artifact and the tradition it represents (including any special food, decorations, guests, etc...) so that they can present it to the class.

Happy Birthday to Amy who turns four this week!


Monday Music with Mr Latter and concert dress rehearsal

Tuesday Gym with Ms Stigas and Kindergarten Concert at 2:30

Wednesday Music with Mr Latter and Learning Buddies

Thursday Library with Ms Edgar (there will not be a walk this week)

Friday Gym with Ms Stigas

Each week we explore our Hillside Garden and the community around us. Parents are always welcome to join us for the walk. We will be leaving for our walk at 9:00 on Thursday morning and should be returning by 9:30. If you would like to join us, please email me at taye.maddison@tdsb.on.ca.

PLEASE NOTE: Kindergarten begins at 9:00am. Lunch is at 11:30am until 12:30pm. Dismissal is at 3:05pm. Throughout the day we may be anywhere in the school or school yard, and at lunch children are under the supervision of a lunchroom supervisor. Therefore, to ensure the safety of all students and for ease of pick up or drop off, we ask the following:

If your child must be away for a morning due to an appointment, please drop your child off at 12:30.

If your child must be away for an afternoon for an appointment, please pick your child up at 11:30.

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Classroom Reminders

Please Return All Classroom Materials On Mondays!

In order to help us prepare materials and to ensure that your child is ready for library day, we ask that all school materials (library books, poetry folders, borrow-a-book folders, etc...) be returned to school on Mondays. This way, we can follow up regarding any missing materials in a timely manner. Zippies should come back and forth to school and home each day: That way, we can ensure that any messages from school or from home are being received. Thanks

Cubby Stuff

As the weather is getting cooler, we are coming to school with more layers. We have heard that some layers are going missing. We do have a lost and found bin (located just inside our balcony door). However, we can better make sure that lost items are being returned to their owner if each item is labeled with your child's name and classroom number (126a). This includes any hats, mitts, and scarves.

As the cooler weather is arriving, we are noticing that some students' spare clothes are not appropriate for the weather (ie/ t-shirts and shorts). Please send a clean, warm weather, change of clothes in your child's zippie. We will change out the summer clothes for you.

Finally, in large, older schools, it is sometimes difficult to maintain consistent temperatures. Some days our room is very hot, and some days it is very cold. Please send your child to school in layers that can be removed or added as needed.

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