Computer Hardware Engineering

Isaiah Wingeier-Rayo

What is Computer Hardware Engineering? Why Choose It?

Computer Hardware Engineering is the constructing and improving of computers by improving each component of the computer,also they oversee the manufacture and installation of computer systems, servers, chips and circuit boards as well as peripherals including keyboards, routers and printers. The reason I would choose this field is that computers are interesting in the sense that they can be taken apart and improved in various ways for different reasons.

Typical Day

Participate in the design and development of electronic circuits and assemblies. They also test and peer review for technical accuracy, standards and compliance to the design. Mainly they modify hardware to make available for other uses.

Education Requirements

Usually a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, but a degree in electrical engineering or computer science will also do.

Typical Salary

Salaries start from $64,620 and go up to $154,810. Computer Hardware Engineers earned a median annual salary of $104,250 in 2013.