The Testing

Kiarra and Jersie

The POV is 1st person.

The reason we know that The Testing is first person is because in the story they use the words like my, I, we, and mine. Also, she descibes her thoughts and feelings in the story. Just a few pages that show this are pages 1, 8, and 9.


Summary of The Testing

This book is about a girl, Cia Vale who graduates and is smart enough to be chosen for the Testing, along with some other classmates. Her dad warnes Cia to not trust any other 'Canadates'. She was allowed to take three items from home and one included her brother Zeen's Transit Communicator. They all leave Five Lakes Colony for Tosu City, where they will be testing at. Once there, Cia meets 108 other candadates present with only 20 open seats to the University. There are 5 different rounds of testing, each person in different groups. Some tests 'test' really how smart you are, some test your skills, and some test how well you can survive in the wilderness. Cia arrived back in Tosu city along with her classmates and did nothing but wait for the news. She ended up being accepted to the University along with Tomas and Will. The officials erased all of the candadates memory so they could not remember anything.

Three Litterary Devices

Hyperbole on page 170- I fly down the hill.

Simile on page 199- The pleasure is gone as quickly as it came, replaced by the slick acid taste of dread.

Personification on page 233- The world swims in and out of focus as my heart pounds loud and hard in my chest.

Our critque

We thought that this book was really good and it was really good at pulling you in and getting you hooked on the story. It was a nailbiter and we would recommend it to all teens and adults. We would not recommend this to any young children as they might get a little freaked out cause there are a few violent scenes.