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October 26, 2015

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SMARTe GOALS due in by October 30

Informal Observations

I will do informal observations and provide you feedback through techboost. Look for feedback through your email.
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Friday: Annual Halloween Parade

Students will dress in costumes after lunch to travel to the EDD (Employment Development Office) on 1225 4th Avenue. This requires a walking permission slip from parents. Check with the office if you need slips.

9:30 am

Ms. Amy

Ms. Mathis

Ms. Dana

12:30 pm


Mrs. Garcia

12:50 pm

Mrs. Magaloni

Mrs Hung-Haas

Ms. Carmen

Ms. James

Mr. Porep

Mr. Slivinski

Mr. DeAvalian

Mrs. Cotham

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Ms. Cater will begin Intervention the 1st week of November.

This week she will continue informal classroom observations and prepare for intervention. She will share her schedule with you 1st week in November to include time slots to support you with: demo lessons, planning, and debrief observations, etc.

M,T.Th,F Leveled Literacy Target: Grade 1

M,T,Th,F Leveled Literacy Target: Grades 6,7

Weekly Essential Skills once a week for groups of 6 students: Grades 2,3,4,5

Kerri will be working on our NCLG (Next Generation Learning Challenge) grant and will begin intervention in January.

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Wednesday STAFF LEARNING 2:30 pm Differentiated Learning

Grades: TK-2 will meet with Ms. Cater for Grade Level Planning to set the stage and then planning with your partner in place you choose with the understanding that there will be a notetaker and plans will be emailed or uploaded.

Grades: 3-7 will meet with Ms. Rose for SBAC Data Review/Analysis. If time permits, we will begin planning.

OCTOBER is Anti-Bullying Month

Anti-Bullying Resources

Class Meetings/Restorative Circles or lesson ideas

Anti-Bullying Resources

Bullying 101 - The Club Crew's Guide to Bullying Prevention (16 slides)

If you are bullying (6 pages)

If you area a target (3 pages)

If you see bullying (5 pages)

They can be found at the following website: