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Jasper Weekly 5.16.16 to 5.22.16

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Educators Rule!

As I am sitting in a Houston hotel room, I am flooded with examples of how amazing educators are. This week I was able to reflect on our Teacher of the Year honorees for Jasper, Mr. Jackie Digby and Ms. Elyse Senteney, at the TOTY banquet. How awesome are they?! I also witnessed numerous examples of staff members displaying the type of patience with students and situations that no one outside of the world of education would believe. I had a first class ticket to experiencing my wife taking a crash course in preparation for the ESL supplemental test and make an unscheduled visit to Houston to take the first available test so she would be eligible to teach elementary in Plano for next year. Fingers crossed!

And I only see an extremely small sliver of the amazing things educators do each day. The most encouraging thing about it all is the educators don't do what they do because they are getting credit or the recognition they deserve (which you all do!). It's because you care about what happens to our students!

I am the first to admit that I do a lousy job of recognizing, encouraging, and praising our amazing staff on the great things you all do each day. And I also know you don't do all those things in order for me or someone else to recognize you. That is what makes Jasper the best school I have ever known!


Upcoming Birthdays

Thursday, May 19th - April Lutts

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Upcoming Weeks at Jasper

5/18-Staff Meeting (8-8:45 AM and 4:25-5:10 PM options)

5/19-Student Awards Ceremony/NHS Induction Ceremony

5/23-Deadline to Turn in Documentation for 8 Flex PD Hours (in exchange for June 6)

5/27-Staff Cookout

5/27-Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day

5/30-Student/Teacher Holiday

6/1-Staff Luncheon @ 1:15 in 1100

5/31-6/3-Semester Exams

6/3-Last day to serve students for 2015-2016

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General Announcements and Reminders

1. May 27th Teacher Work Day

2. Deadline for 8 Campus Flex Hours (In Exchange for Working on June 6th)

    1. May 27th Teacher Work Day

    May 27th is a teacher work day. Here is our schedule for the day:

    8:30-10:00-Breakfast, T-TESS Info, Goal Setting, and PD Plan for 2016-2017

    -at some point during the day, core subjects (including LOTE) will complete a 90 minute P3A survey to be used for our SBIC next year

    -counselors will have a jort bedazzling station set up in the cafeteria with bling, puff paint, and other tacky (I mean, cool) adornments

    12:30-1:30-Staff Cookout and Jorts Competition

    4:30-Start of a 3-Day Weekend

    Other clarifying points about May 27th:

    • Paraprofessionals have been approved to take a personal day without principal approval.
    • Any teaching or professional staff will need principal approval to take personal leave as directed by board policy, DEC (Local).

    2. Deadline for 8 Campus Flex Hours (In Exchange for Working on June 6th)

    The deadline for turning in the 8 professional development hours (in exchange for working on June 6th) will be due to your support admin by Monday, May 23 (either with an MLP printout with your 8 hours highlighted or a typed document indicating the PD you attended).

    Important Bookmarks

    Staff Google Folder:


    Staff Google Classroom:


    Class Code: f3y5rao

    Staff Handbook:

    Jasper Admin Walk-Through Form (use to help plan lessons and self-reflect):


    Block Lunch Meeting Request:

    Social Media Input:

    Announcement Request (170 characters):



    Campus Professional Learning Opportunities:


    May 27th and June 6th Work Days:


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