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Today on the London periodical we have a story with a play and poem writer William Shakespeare about a new building that was just finished today, the Globe Theater. The interior was designed by Johannes de Witt with ceilings 100 ft tall and able to hold up to 3000 people. The stage alone is 43 ft wide and 28 ft deep!
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parts of the globe theatre

There were many important parts of the globe theater. One of the most important things used were the flags which signified which type of play was being performed-black for tragedy white for comedy, and red for history.

The upper stage was used for most bedroom and balcony scenes. the balcony above was used for musicians and sound effects.

The tiring house was used for dressing and storage rooms. Actors rested here between scenes and changing into lavish costumes. The doors of the tiring room also served as the actors main entrances and exits.

The main stage is where the main action took place especially outdoor scenes or battlefields, or forest.

The inner stage was used mostly for indoor scenes and had a curtain that could be opened or closed for scene changes.

The trap door- actors playing witches could rise or descend through this door built into the main stage and was often referred to as 'hell''.

the heavens consisted of a canopy supported by the pillars, and a hut on top. the canopy shaded and protected actors from too much sun or rain. It also represented the sky and heavens and painted with golden stars. The hut above was used for storage and additional sound effects, such as alarm bells, cannon fire, and thunder.

Open yard-audiences paid one penny to stand here and watch the preferences, rain or shine. often these patrons, called groundings, would participate in the action by throwing snacks and shouting at the performers.

The plays were lighted by natural light and couldn't take place at night or in bad whether.


Today on the London periodical we have a tragic story about Globe Theater. Today the Globe Theater was hit by a cannon and burned down. No one knows if it will be rebuilt , but what we do know is that it was a prop for a play that was fired and accidentally caught the thatched roof or as most referred to it as "the Heavens" on fire.

June 29, 1614

An exciting day today on the London periodical, just one year after the Globe Theater was burned down it is finally finished reconstruction from the tragedy. Many are calling it the Globe Theater 2 it is expected to be the same layout of the original Globe theater. Plays will still be preformed here although women are not allowed to participate in the performances it is still an exciting event for everyone.


Today on the London periodical, the Globe Theater is being closed down due to the puritan government that has shut down all London theaters on moral grounds.


Another tragic day on the London periodical the Globe theater 2 is being demolished by the puritans to build tenements upon the premises. For the next 352 years the Globe Theater will be nothing but a memory.


Today on the London periodical exciting news has been released, someone has discovered the foundation of the Globe theater destroyed 352 years ago! This has ignited the public's interest to build a similar version of the theater. This movement is being led by Sam Wanamaker who is familiar with the world of plays.


Today on the London periodical finally the Globe Theater has been completed, but Queen Elizabeth ll wont open it until next year. The opening act for the new and improved Globe Theater will be the production of Henry A.

At this Globe Theater actors and people will still wear the clothes according to their social status, or for less important roles their own clothes. And through rotten vegetables at the actors causing them to have to change in the tiring room, and whether it be today or in the 1600's it is still a place for the rich or poor to come and watch plays.