By Waleef

A presentation ball is a place where people go to dance. People don’t get to choose who they want to dance with, but it is fun to have a go. My uncle’s daughter who I love went to a presentation ball to. A presentation ball is usually for people who go to transition. If you want to get stuff off your mind dancing can be a good way to go. Dancing is fun and you can meet lots of new people. A presentation ball is a once in a lifetime thing. Your parents, carers, daughter’s, foster parents, and friends all get to watch you dance with your partner.

The 2013 year 12 presentation ball formerly debutante ball will be held on Friday September at the Plenty Ranges Arts & Convention Centre in South Morang. All students in year 12 are invited to participate in this fantastic event. The fee for presentation ball will be. Girls:$250 boys $290 The fee includes the cost of dancing lessons, limousine hire , flowers, Meal, DVD and suit hire for boys. Each girl will be required to purchase or hire her own white dress and shoes. Please do not commit to or purchasing or hiring a dress until you have attended the parent meeting on 6th March.


Homework club is here!

I am in a homework club some students don’t like homework club because those students feel like they have been worked harder than usual. I like homework but some questions are pretty hard. Homework is not something that I like very often but I end up doing the homework. It does not have division, sums, subtractions, or fractions. I like homework because I wanna get better at it. By Waleef