Spencer Goettsch B-4



  • Gold is a soft metal
  • Gold is ductile
  • Gold is a heavy metal


  • Gold is a chemical element so it can only be found, not manufactured
  • Gold is almost totally immune to decay
  • Gold is not vary useful in any industrial/chemical processes

Gold is found in the earth and the main reason it is used is for jewelry. Some common compounds it forms are Gold Phosphate, Gold Nitrate, and Gold Sulfate. Gold is not very reactive.


Have you ever seen gold? Gold is one of the best elements you could ever buy because of the interesting properties, color, and the very little reactions.

Gold is one of the best elements because of its physical properties. Like being a soft metal, but at the same time being worth a lot. Second, it is a very heavy metal. Last because gold is ductile. The next thing that makes gold great is its color.

The color for gold is the main reason that makes gold so good. With the flashy color of "gold" everyone will wanna take a look. What is a better color than gold? The last thing that makes gold the best is the very few reactions.

Would you want a element that is so reactive it couldn't be around anyone? No, thats why gold is the best and is the most popular element around.

Gold is one of the best elements to buy because of its interesting properties, its color, and its very little reactions. So invest NOW!