The Oregon Trail

By Mason Clark

Day 1

Its the first day on the trail and we are very excited. We can't wait to get to Oregon and start a new life. We met up with our wagon train and had a good breakfast of bacon and eggs. We started off having ot cross the Missouri River. We had the choice to ford it or take the ferry. Us, being new to this, decided to take the best route and ford it for $25. As we continued on we realized that our water supply was scarce so we needed to find some water. We were lucky and found some clean water to drink and nobody got sick.

We continued on our way singing songs and laughing. We arrived at a nice shaded spot and had some lunch of dried beef and fruit. We also found some game so we decided to hunt to top off our supply of food. We all ended up getting a few squirrels, nothing to exciting. As we left the spot we ran into some Tsu Indians. They wanted to gamble with us so we sent our best gambler out to gamble with them, our wagon leader. He won the games and we all got $25. The rest of the day was uneventful and nothing much happened. I guess I'll save some of this paper for some more interesting things.

Day 2

Today was just a normal day on the trail until after a hardy lunch of bacon, dried veggies, and some biscuits, something terrible happened. We were riding along when one of Justin's children fell off the wagon and broke their leg. Sadly, they didn't make it through the night. Soon we came across another challenge and our wagon leader had to balance books on his hands and head for 5 seconds without dropping them or something terrible might happen. He was able to complete the challenge and we were able to move on with our day.

We were riding slowly looking for a good place to rest when we came across some Indians. Luckily our wagon train leader is a pastor and quite friendly to Indians so we were able to pass through their land safely and they even gave us some blankets and ammunition. As we pressed on we soon came across a river and we had two choices, ford the river, or take the ferry. We decided that it would be safer to take the ferry for the price of $45. We safely landed on the other side of the river and kept going to Oregon! We soon found a good place to rest and hunt for some meat. I decided to hunt so I could make sure I would have enough meat for the long trail ahead. I had a misfire and accidentally shot one of my water barrels (thanks obama). I was now down to only 1 water barrel for my family of 4. After we hunted we kept on going and we came to a fork. We could either take the more direct route through Indian burial grounds, people were known to go in but never come out. Or we could take a safer route around the burial grounds but that would take longer. We decided to live on the edge and take the burial grounds.

Day 3

Day three and we are still in the burial grounds and I am beginning to think that it was a bad idea to take this trail. We are hearing from Indian messengers that if we continue through this path, we may not make it all the way through. We decide to take our chances and instead of turning around continue to Oregon and so far there has been no immediate consequences. Today, as we were riding, something terrible has happened. My daughter, Obamacare, fell off the wagon on a bumpy part of the trail. She was ran over by the wagon and we have tried everything we can to save her but she has died. My wife now sits in the wagon crying. I fear that this will be the decline of our luck. We decide to bury her on the trail and continue on.

We soon find a place where we can hunt, and I decide to take my chances again and see if I am a better shot than I was yesterday. I end up bringing in 30 pounds of buffalo. It will greatly help us on our way to Oregon. We are running out of water but there is no clean water to drink. We are tasked with trying to filter the water so we don't get cholera. We safely filter the water and boil it multiple times and nobody gets sick. After we ford a river our bad luck catches up with us. Swaggy McPumpernickel and Guildersleeve McDoogle are both shot by Indian arrows. Luckily the wound isn't fatal, but I have a weird feeling that we aren't going to make it all the way to Oregon. I decide not to tell anybody about my anxieties. We pass through a fort before we continue along the trail to collect some extra supplies. We need water and food badly because this is the last fort before Oregon. While we are their we send out a few of us to ask some questions about the trail ahead. We learn that their is 4 trails all more treacherous than the last. Even though I am strongly against it, we decide to pick the fastest route, which also happens to be the most dangerous.

Day 4

Its Day 4 and I can almost feel Oregon, I think we might make it. We have gotten through this dangerous trail safely so far but while we are riding we are blocked by a landslide. We are delayed because most of us don't have a pickax or shovel to help dig, but they do have a fiddle and piano so we dig to some music. We finally get passed the landslide after what seemed like 4 hours of digging when we are attacked by Indians. We circle our wagons but we are still tired from digging and we end up losing 100 pounds of beef, gun powder, trunks, and dried fruit. Luckily, though, our guide tells us that we are very close to Oregon so I don't worry to much. We soon get to the Hades Desert, it is one of the last obstacles before Oregon. We somehow make it across safely without losing anyone. I think that we may be gaining our luck back and that we might actually make it to Oregon.

We have one last obstacle. We have to cross a mountain range before we can get to Oregon. We have a very important choices though, we can either rush the snow pass before winter, send scouts out to see if it is clear, go back to paradise valley, or stay where we are. The excitement of being so close gets to us and we rush the snow pa.......