Teaching with Technology

News from your Librarian/Technology Integration Mentor

Welcome Back

I'm looking forward to being the WGS TIM this year and continuing to support your amazing teaching from the library. Look for this newsletter each month to highlight new resources, classroom projects at WGS, and online tutorials for integrating technology.

Tech Contact vs. TIM

Lisa Campbell is our tech contact. She handles hardware issues, software updates, and network issues. For best results, email the MCBOE# and a brief description of the problem to Lisa.

Holly Whitt is the TIM. The TIM's primary role is to help you use the technology in your classroom by collaborating on lesson plans and providing updates on new resources.

We are both here to help! We'll do our best to help you quickly so you can focus on teaching instead of troubleshooting.

Did you know?

  • APTPlus offers free access to 75% of the videos that were available in United Streaming, plus includes lesson plans, playlists, assessments, and more!
  • Nettrekker includes over 330,000 Web sites, images, games, and other kid-safe digital resources. Your username is a variation of your email: username@mcboe.madison.k12.al.us and your password is password (until you change it)