Midnight munchies

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Midnight munchies

As long as I can recall, I was told not to eat past 7 PM, so maybe that's what sparked the subconscious want that sparks munchie madness and my hunger pangs by 8 PM.

Regardless of what I've done to control what I call the Midnight Munchies, without losing the weight I needed I lose the fight and pack on the pounds.

The other day it happened to me that since I was eating previous 7 PM consistently not eat my dinner at 8 PM.

That solved a little part of the issue, but was my want to eat food consistent at nighttime? It did not make sense to me. During the day I normally had to drive myself to eat. I wasn't full, did not need it, and forgot to eat. But I was tired.

Why was not I starving during the day? The solution was, because I was so active during the day, I was diverted! I 'd so much going on that I did not need to eat. So I began to work out at night to keep myself occupied and avoid the tv, which consistently gave me the munchies.

On the other hand, the draw back to working out after at night was that I could not fall asleep. With endorphins and this much adrenaline I was wide awake. What was the alternative?

I carried the pounds on, if I ate at nighttime. I could not sleep if I worked out at night, would be exhausted the next day, which would activate my junk food junkie munchies in a way that was huge and I 'd eat more.

Here are the measures I've taken to lose those unwanted extra pounds (it works for those people who have families too.

For me I 've found that meat, yet much I do not enjoy it, controls my appetite. But I do not need a huge ball of meat sitting in my tummy all night. So my meals have been changed around by me and helped to control my hunger all day *

Breakfast: Chicken breast, a piece of protein bread and high fiber with ½ pat of butter melted on a glass of orange juice and it. (Tons of pulp is the greatest.
Lunch: Some kind of high fiber pasta with basil, tomatoes, artichoke hearts or some kind of yogurt and protein. Occasionally I 've soup or home made chili. That's truly pleasing.
Bite: Honey Farms makes the greatest.
Potatoes, meat, whatever is on the menu. Leave the lighter part of the meal for after or a salad.
If eating the remainder of your dinner afterwards at night disturbs you, then eat your meal as you often would but try bursting about three cups of popcorn (not microwave) in 1 teaspoon olive oil.

Then get the fat free I Can Not Believe It's Not Butter Spray (just the Spray bottle is fat free. Do not ask me why.) After it is warmed place a bit of salt into the butter and then place it onto the popcorn. Your craving will stop , not place many calories into your belly.

This program that is routine, will help assist you in your quest for a lighter you and a healthier life. Slimming down is tough, that's a fact, however you can lose it leading and eating a more active lifestyle.

A successful Entrepreneur, Rae is an award winning vocalist and bestselling writer. When she's’t dishing out cash saving and cost-effective living guidance on some of the top ranked cash saving websites, Rae runs seminars and educates around the U.S. and the world.