By: Sabrina Stevens

Identify 3 themes in the novel.

The first theme I noticed was the wanting and wishing to be with his family. The second of the themes I had noticed was the constant need to be with his father and how no matter what the situation was he would wish to be with his father. The third of the themes I noticed was that he always had humanity left. When he heard that the one son had left his father and could not be found he realized how the father had not been accidentally left behind, but it was intentionally. I noticed how he did not tell the man. I think he did that out of the care in his heart not to hurt the man more by saying that his son had realized that the man was getting weak and would be taking many blows.

How did camp life change the prisoner(s) as a person? And relationships with other human beings?

Camp life changed the prisoner as a person by taking away any of their humanity. It ruined their relationships with other human beings because it made them watch the other people take the blows and being glad it wasn't them being abused. It made the prisoners think the wrong way, their compassion had changed and it completely made them change their way of thought.

What does this novel reveal about you as a human being?

This novel reveals how fiery and passionate I can feel and want to take action upon on a subject. I have noticed that hearing about the way the people were treated and were thinking made me sick. It has revealed that I have such a passion to take action in the wrong doings and make them right. I know this took place long before I could have done anything or even realized it. But I would like to think that if I were somehow included in knowing how they were treated I would start a campaign to take over the Nazis. Or I would also have taken action in taking Hitler down from the way he had been so high up as to be taking land and control.