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Effective Communication - Joseph Whitehouse

General Communication

The way we communicate with other people is very important to ensure that what we are trying to portray gets across effectively. General communication covers every way that a person can communicate with another. This includes verbal and listening, amongst others like body language. Verbal communication is the use of words to communicate.

When communicating verbally it is vital to make sure that you the words that you are saying are clear so that people can easily understand what you are trying to say. You should also try and talk with a good flow so try to avoid stuttering as this can distract listeners from what you are saying.

Alongside verbal communication, listening skills are vital so that you can understand what the speaker is saying and to make sure that he knows that you are definitely listening and paying attention. This should be done by maintaining eye contact, stop other things that you are doing with your hands and not trying to think what to say before the other person has finished speaking.

Interpersonal Communication

This is the way that we connect and communicate with two or more people. Some skills when effectively practising interpersonal skills are empathy and body language.

It is important to be empathetic to someone if you are trying to communicate with them, this means that you should try to think what it would be like to be their shoes. So if they were confused about something instead of getting annoyed at them because of it, remain calm and try to understand why they are confused and then help them to overcome that and understand what you are trying to say.

Body language is very important when trying to communicate with someone, because if you do not have the correct body language and are coming across as looking bored or disinterested then the speaker may not want to continue to speak to you and the conversation may be lost. So when someone is communicating with you make sure be looking at them, try to be smiling or looking interested and do not be fiddling around with other things eg. Your hands or something on your desk.

Written Communication

Written communication is very important in a place of work. This is because a lot of times it is the main way to get information to other people as a record can be kept of what has or has not been said. Written communication is used in many different ways in the office, it could be in a letter, an email, a fax or even just a sticky note on someone’s desk.

When using written communication it is usually important to make sure that it is written in a formal manor as this keeps a professional tone. You should also make sure that whatever you are communicating is suitable for the work place because these pieces of information are likely to be kept for a very long time and could be found by someone who could get you in trouble if the information is not safe for the office.