Hello May!

Spring Into Summer with Bend Boot Camp

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May 2nd- May 7th Locations

Locations for the 1st week of May!

6 and 9am
Monday-Pine Nursery Park
Wednesday-Pine Nursery Park
Friday- Old Mill Stairs, behind the movie theater


Saturday- Pilot Butte

As we move into our Spring/Summer Season, our classes will be moving outdoors!

*Please make sure to always register for your classes online, so that we can plan ahead for our training program, as well as let you know where our location is at. If the weather changes, we want to make sure everyone knows where we will be!

Things to know if you are new to Boot Camp!

Welcome! This is your first step to making a lifestyle change, continuing down a current fitness goal or even moving beyond. As we all enter this next camp at various fitness levels it is important to remember these three things:

1. Always stay focused on YOUR body and YOUR form.
2. Moving slow or finishing last doesn't mean you can't do it, it means you are being mindful of your body, and making strides.
3. Challenge yourself physically and mentally

The first week of class can be humbling and exciting all wrapped into one. Be patient and just know..things will and do get easier. The first week will often result in muscle soreness, make sure you continue to drink plenty of water and make sure you continue to come to class. Staying moving is key for helping your body adjust.

Please be on-time and please make sure to remember to bring the following:
Yoga Mat