What is lightning?

Lightning is a giant electric discharge, from a cloud to the ground or a cloud to a cloud. To drop a charge the cloud gets a induced charge separation, the negative charges at the bottom of the cloud induce a positive charge on the ground.A charged stream called a steeped ladder forms. When the negative charge has a large flow get 100m from the ground the positive charges in the ground come up and meet it competing the bolt.The meeting of positive and negative charges superheat the air which creates a flash which is lightning and a soundwave which is thunder

Ground to cloud ligtning

Ground to cloud lightning is when the positive charges in the ground try to meet the negative charges in the clouds because opposite charges attract. The positive charges go to the highest point in effort to meet the negative charges. The negative charges create a steeped ladder causing the positive charges to surge up towards the steeped ladder therefore creating a lightning bolt

Cloud to Cloud Lightning

Cloud to cloud lightning happens when lightning strikes another cloud(You don't say)

I work exactly like ground but a cloud