A Multimediated Teaching Experience

Tools with multiple dimensions for engagement

Let us not challenge our students to strive for greatness. Why not ourselves incur growth and increased technological savvy?

App smashing is a wonderful phenomenon that is imbuing education with new life, meaning, and avenues for exploration. I propose that we take full advantage of this for both the educators and the educated. It opens the doors for a multitude of teachable moments that will give us all major takeaways for this class and things we can tweak as we go along.

This will also provide brilliant carryover for our 4th grade students engaging in the newly implement BYOD variety of education. Let us all join efforts and knowledge to make this a success!

Potential Challenges and Requirements

I wanted to try something here that would give all of in the classroom the opportunity for growth. Textbooks, encyclopedias, and other normal resources are reliable aids. But let's embark on something fresh and create something new. The proposed method I recommend satisfies many of the requirements for classes of this nature. Trackable progress from the students and we can edit and make suggestions. Let's explore further the nuances of my suggestion

Component parts of the process