Girl in the Blue Coat

Book Report By Brooke Weisheit Book By Monica Hesse


Hanneke- works for the black market and receives the task to find a missing Jew

Ollie- works for the Resistance club

Mrs. Janssen- assigns Hanneke the task to look for Mirjam

Mirjam- the missing Jew

Amalia- Mirjam's best friend

Christoffel- delivery boy


This book takes place during World War II in Amsterdam.

Summary of the Book

Hanneke works for the Black Market. One day she is offered the task to find a missing Jewish girl that was hiding in the pantry of one of her clients. Hanneke agreed to help. Ollie, the brother of late Bas also Hanneke's deceased boyfriend, offers to help Hanneke find this girl. In return she must work for the Resistance group.

The Resistance group is in charge of helping young Jewish babies escape before getting deported. Hanneke helps very little due to the fact she is more focused on finding Mirjam. On the night the Resistance group is trying to retrieve a camera, Hanneke is also trying to get Mirjam to come with her to escape. Mirjam runs from her and is then shot.

While Hanneke prepares the body she notices that this can't be Mirjam, she doesn't fit the descriptions. Although she was wearing Mirjam's clothes and had the paperwork. Hanneke then talks to Christoffel who says he knew all along that the girl hiding in the pantry was Amalia. He helped her escape which accidentally led to her death.

Turns out that Amalia had switched papers with Mirjam to keep her safe and was unable to renew her papers. Mirjam was found safe at a hotel.


Yes, I would definitely read this book. Only if you love suspense and solving a mystery and find interest in the happenings of World War II.


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