Majestic Memo

March 17-21, 2014

It's Tryout Week!!!

This is a reminder that line tryouts and officer tryouts begin this week. It is important that all 7th grade Majestics, who plan to participate in Majestics next year, are at the line clinic practices this week. Clinic practice times will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:35 am.

Officer Candidates will learn their group tryout routine during 8th period this week. They will perform their group routine in front of the panel of judges on Saturday, March 22, 2014 (9:00 - finished).

*** Due to a calendar conflict with band, the new Majestic uniform fitting day has been changed. It will now be held after school on May 14th, 2014.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, March 18 ~ Line Clinic Tryouts (7:30 am)

Wednesday, March 19 ~ Line Clinic Tryouts (7:30 am)

Thursday, March 20 ~ Line Clinic Tryouts (7:30 am)

Saturday, March 22 ~ Officer Tryouts in front of judges (9:00am)

Friday, March 28 ~ Officer Line is Announced (4:10 pm)

Thursday, April 24 ~ Legacy Dress Rehearsal (after school)

Friday, April 25 ~ Legacy Spring Show (6:00pm)

Saturday, April 26 ~ Legacy Spring Show (12:00 and 6:00pm)

Thursday, May 14 ~ Uniform fittings for 2014-2015 Majestics (4:30-??)