Mrs. Johnston's Weekly Updates

April 26-30

Learning Targets for the Week

I CAN identify how characters change in text and site evidence to prove my answer.

I CAN identify the long and short vowel sounds in words.

I CAN read and spell 1 and 2 syllable word.

I CAN describe the attributes of 3D shapes based on faces, vertices, and edges.

I CAN partition shapes into halves and thirds.

I CAN name the stages of the water cycle.

I CAN names types of precipitation. I CAN name and describe types of clouds (stratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus, and cirrus).

Classroom News and Reminders

Charging Chromebooks- PLEASE be sure that your child's Chromebook is charged before coming to school each day. Please also check to make sure you know where your child's charger is. If you don't know please let me know ASAP.

Reading Homework- Read 15-20 minutes. Fluency is something I have been looking at recently will all the students, how many words per minute correct a student can read. The goal for 2nd grade is 113. Each night when your child is reading, stop and listen to them, are they reading with expression (or do they sound like a robot?), do they stop for punctuation (or read right on through it?) and research shows reading the same text a few time is okay.

Spelling Homework- Nightly assignment (see Green Folder for details)


It is hard to believe but there are only 5 more weeks of school left. In those last 5 weeks so much is going on. I will begin end of year math assessments with the students, as well as the last STAR reading, math, and fluency tests. Progress reports are coming home this week. Please look closely at those and if you have any questions please contact me and we can talk about any questions or concerns you have.


I believe communication is the way we are going to make this year an excellent success! I check my DOJO daily and repeatedly so please send me a message about any questions or concerns. If you need to call me please do that from 10-45-11:15 or 3:30-4:00.