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Osmos in the Library

With the help of the district library coordinator, our library received new technology for our students. The students enjoyed learning about numbers, letters, spelling, tangrams along with pre-coding skills. Even some teachers were excited about the project that they asked the librarian how they could get their own for their classroom.

It looked like Split Milk

Pre-KInder through 1st grade students used white paint to create abstract paintings after we read the book It Looked like Split Milk. They then discussed what formation or object their paint made and presented it in front of the class.

Family Reading Night -Every Wednesday afternoon in the library

Come out and read to child in the library on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30. Some Wednesdays the library hosts themed family reading nights like Wacky Hat night or Daper Dress at the library.

Battle of the Bluebonnet Competition

Isabella Maldonado, Melanie Maldonado, and Amerie Galvez competed at the Battle of the Bluebonnets competition. Although they did not win the competition, they worked hard to represent Doedyns. The competition was held at Southwest High School Library. Alan Shoemaker from Channel 5 was the special guest MC.
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AR Reading Rockstars

The AR reading program is designed to make readers better readers by giving each student a personalized goal and reading level. These three classrooms had hundred percent of their students reach their personalized goal with an 85% average.

Library Statistics

11, 313, 510 words read

90.3% AR school average

9,997 book circulations

36 Reading Scholars