Quarter 3 Independent Reading

Ashley Baines

Theme - Death

Things we Know by Heart

The book Things We Know by Heart is about this girl who stopped living her life to fullest once Trent died. Trent was an organ donor so, Quinn tries to contact all of the people that had have received his organs to try and get some sort of closure since his death. Quinn has reached all of Trent's recipients of his organs except one who she eventually finds out his name was Colton and he was around her age. As they grow closer together he shows Quinn the value of life and helps her get this motivation for life again. Colton showed Quinn that death is a part of live and that we need to accept it.


"There are things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart. Pursue those." - Kirby 54
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The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas

The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas is about a young boy who moves to Germany. His dad is a soldier and his family ended up moving near a concentration camp. Bruno's mother didn't understand why they had to move there and as well didn't want Bruno exposed to the camp. The father said that the camp was far enough away but it turned out that it wasn't. Bruno the main character ended up meeting a new friend named Shumal that lived in the camp. Bruno was curious about what was out his window because he saw "farmers" working and started exploring to see who they are. One day Bruno walked out to the fence helped out Shumal by giving him food. Bruno went into the camp and pretended he was one of them to help Smumal find his father. Shumal gave Bruno Striped clothes to help him fit in with the others in the camp. Bruno spent a lot of time in the camp and sadly ended up being mistaken for Jew and ended being put in the gas chamber with his new friend Shumal. They both died in the chamber. Bruno's family members were devastated that their boy died.


The connection between the two books would be that they both of the main characters had a major loss in each one of there lives. Bruno in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas lost one of his friends he met through the other side of the fence because Shumal was Jew that lived in one of the concentrations camps. Shumal and Bruno ended up dying in one of the gas chambers in the concentration camps as well as others. In The things we Know by Heart Quinn lost her boyfriend and couldn't seem to get her life straight again because of him. So in both stories death was a big part in the theme throughout each book.