How do you feel about yourself?

Why do people think they are not like others?

4% OF WOMEN THINK OF THEMSELEVS PRETTY BUT, OTHERS DON’T! Most people that think they are either ugly or fat they say that because they might have been called that in the past.

What do men think about themselves?

Not all people that think bad about themselves are girls. Some are men too!

They get stressed a lot either about work or other things. It would help them if they got a new job or talk about to a family member.

The things you are!

How can you build your self esteem

You shouldn't talk bad about yourself, would you talk like that to your friend? You are beautiful, wonderful, amazing and a lot more. If people don't think you are don't care you have your family. Go to your true friends.

You are Beautiful

If you are not one of the 4% girls that think there pretty then it’s time to think different YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You are pretty in the inside and out.