Building Update

Valley View Primary & Intermediate Schools- 5/9/18

By the Numbers

Student/Teacher Ratios



1st Grade-21.3

2nd Grade-19.5

3rd Grade-21.1

4th Grade-22.2

5th Grade-19.5

6th Grade-25.8

Average Daily Attendance

Primary School: 95.4

Intermediate School: 94.9

April Students of the Month


Bryson Smithson, Lilly Jeffries, Jacob Eldridge, Jordan Chapman, Brody Howard, Alyssa Land, Bailey Clark, Cruze Davis


Jaxton Yates, Ava Stewart, Hunter Isbell, Lucas Schmidt, Tavyn Buehner, Eli Butcher, Caitlyn Fiers, Lia Richter, Raylin Snyder, Major Roberts, Kaedence Young, Hayden Walters, Bradley Parker, Lily Boone, Annabelle Holbrook

1st Grade

Nick Fiori, Alec Hill, Andrew Morton, Layla Quillen, Brayden Parker, Ava Harrison, Ana Gonzalez, Parker Fox, Logan West, Jacob Brooks, Eli Fogle, Tinzly Alldred, Landon Hines, Leo Vaughn, Ethan Cline, Heidi Reffitt, Kara Wilson, Desaree DyeHouse

2nd Grade

Landon West, Lacy McNutt, Caden Brunett, Sophia Cresong, Olivia Hines, Charlie Hobson, Hendrix Graw, Ember Lewis, Jackson Dearth, Copper Farris, Lexie Johnson

3rd Grade

Levi Ritchie, Jaydon Sargent, Brody Gibbs, Kelsie Hughes, James Johnson, Jensen Hester, Graci Payton, Haidyn Cail, Hunter Johnson

4th Grade

Brody Long, Haley Turner, Tristan Karacia, Adrienne Socher-Baker,Camrynn Britton, Eli Gilbert, Gavin Phillips, Alivia Miller, Malek Jaco, Keira Arstingstall, Kyla McLaughlin, Madision Rowland, Landon Ramsey, Aiden Jensen, Rylon Brewer, Isaiah Niswonger

5th Grade

Isabella Johnson, Nevaeh Metcalf, Lacey Schooler, Kaylee Sexton, Lilli Neal,Chris Knapp, Connor Sargent, Lacey Abner, Grace Webb, William Garland, Sierra Adkins, Denny Benson

6th Grade

Grace Booher, Damascus Parker, Amyn Shetter, Olivia Ables, Joey Latvala, Petra Olson, Austin Dunn, Katelyn Neff, Abigail Withrow, Caden Branham, Logan Burns, Cloe Hall

Kindergarten Screening

Kindergarten Screening is taking place in the Primary School on May 8th, 9th and 10th. During this process, children scheduled to begin kindergarten in the fall spend approximately 45 minutes with our kindergarten teachers, nurse, & speech/language therapists to give parents and our staff a comprehensive profile of their strengths and weaknesses. This gives the parents an idea of what skills they need to focus on before August and gives our staff the information needed to create balanced class lists.

2nd Grade Poetry Recitals

Our 2nd grade teachers have been working with their students to learn and appreciate poetry. During these recitals, parents come in to watch their child's class recite a series of poems and also get to listen to their own child recite a poem of his or her choice by heart. The schedule for these memorable performances is as follows:

Mrs. Wilson- 15th at 2:30

Mrs. Moon- 16th at 2:30

Mrs. Pitcher & Mrs. Yu- 16th at 6:30

Mrs. Caldwell- 17th at 2:30

Mrs. Ratliff-18th at 2:30

6th Grade PBL Fundraiser

Earlier in the year, the 6th grade students read the novel, A Long Walk to Water. It tells the story of a boy, Salva Dut, who grew up in the 80's in the midst of a civil war between northern and southern Sudan. As an adult, Mr. Dut has made a commitment to providing the poor villages he grew up in with clean drinking water through an organization called Water for South Sudan. The 6th grade students have been researching ways to make money to help funding for this this agency and will be holding a fundraiser from 7:00 to 8:00 on Tuesday evening, the 15th in the Intermediate School gym. Donations can be made that evening or made directly at

Wax Museum

The 4th grade students will be presenting the annual Famous Ohioans "Wax Museum" on May 17th. Students will be selecting a famous Ohioan and then perform as if they are a wax figure in an Ohio history museum. This will require students to research the man or woman chosen, write a report, and then transform themselves to look as much like the character as possible. Parents are invited on this day to visit the museum and to hear students recite a prepared speech when "activated".

Right to Read Week

The Title I teachers worked to inspire a love of reading in students during the week of May 7th. The theme for the week was "Readers are Leaders" and activities began on Monday with several interactive shows in the auditorium provided by MidWest School Shows which all students in both buildings had the opportunity to attend. Throughout the week, teachers were encouraged to focus more heavily on books and reading than normal, and the Intermediate School teachers were encouraged to participate in activities with the Primary School students. On Friday, the 11th, the 1st graders attended "Reader's Theater" productions (short plays) in the 4th grade classrooms that featured scripts, costumes and backgrounds. The 6th graders provided similar activities when 3rd grade students visited their classrooms. Also on that day, the 5th grade students visited classrooms of the 2nd grade and kindergarten students, reading books to them.

Staff Appreciation Week

While the Right to Read activities were going on, the PTO and building secretaries worked to make sure all staff members felt more appreciated than ever during the week of May 7th. Box lunches were provided for all staff members on Monday, and all staff members were provided with surprises and small tokens of thanks throughout the week.

Field Day Schedules

Intermediate School

Field Day Schedule

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

6th grade schedule

9:30-10:30 Stations outside @ FOOTBALL FIELD


11:00-3:00 Germantown Aquatics Center (Bring packed lunch or buy at Germantown pool concessions)

3:00 depart from pool

3:15 Arrive back at school / 6th grade Clap Out to follow.

5th grade schedule

10:35-11:50 Stations outside @ FOOTBALL FIELD

11:50-12:20 Lunch in cafeteria

3:15 Clean up and get ready for 6th Grade Clap Out

4th grade schedule

12:30- 1:00 Lunch in cafeteria

1:30-2:50 Stations outside @ FOOTBALL FIELD

2:50-3:00 Help clean up and return equipment to Mr. Hittle’s Office

3:00 Return to classes / 6th Grade Clap Out to follow

Primary School

Field Day Schedule

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Valley View Primary will hold their Field Day on the last day of school, May 24th. Second and third grade students will participate from 9:15 A.M. to 11:15 A.M. The afternoon is scheduled for our kindergarten and first grade students, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Mrs. Shade has planned different stations with a variety of activities for the boys and girls to enjoy. The stations will be located on the playground area behind the school building.