Valley View Intermediate School

October 4, 2018

By the Numbers

Student/Teacher Ratios:


4th grade: 21.6

5th grade: 22.8

6th grade: 20.6

Average Daily Attendance: 97%

Building Leadership Team

During the recent 2-our delay professional development meetings, the Intermediate School faculty implemented two ideas that emerged from the BLT meeting on September 12th. We worked in five small groups comprised of teachers from different grade levels and subject matters to help build collegiality among the staff which is one of our building goals. The focus of our work was brainstorming strategies to deal with the three most problematic student behaviors identified by the staff- students failing to complete work, students being mean to each other and students incessantly tattling on each other. Many of the ideas can be put to use immediately by any teacher at any time while others would need to be adopted either school-wide or across a specific grade level. The focus of our next BLT meeting on October 9th will be to discuss the latter strategies and determine which are most likely to be effective. Improving student behavior in these areas is another one of the building goals developed by the BLT.

Students of the Month for September


Easton Develbiss, Lyllia Keating, Evie Whaley, Thomas Burton, Johnny Longworth, Noah Smith, Brantley Neuman, Madelyn Albert

4th Grade

Cameron Flannery, Jade Griffith, Olivia Kinder, Aiden Cleghorn, Madalyn Fisher, Jackson Kinder, Adriana Steinmetz, Shane Cox, Kelsie Hughes, James Wilhelm’ Jillian Shell, Isaac Johnson

5th Grade

Keaton Bowman, Kamryn Snyder, Garrett Hodson, Marin Weibel, Grayson Cordes, Brooklynn Bromagen, Noah Deeter, Abbey Heater, Ryland Kirk, Mckayla Stoutenborough, Ashley Bailey, Joseph Hester

6th Grade

Abbagail Cavender, Tony Bertram, Rebecca Lawson, Dylan Craig, Trevor Beck, Brenna Garland, Baylee Foss, Brayden Bell, Olivia Tipton, Cameron Soper, Makenzie Damron, Tylor Gau

Students of the Quarter

4th Grade- Olivia Kinder & Isaac Johnson

5th Grade- Garrett Hodson & Marin Weibel

6th Grade - Trevor Beck & Baylee Foss

Staff Members of the Quarter

Certified- Beth Howard

Classified- Pam Erisman

Extra Mile Award Nominees

Extra Mile Award Nominees for September

Pam Erisman- My computer wasn’t connecting to the internet and Pam got online and submitted a ticket to DCTS for me. She took care of it for me so I didn’t have to wait until my plan period to get another computer and submit it myself. It saved me a lot of trouble. (Scott Hittle)

Ann Haughey- I was dealing with a very sick student at the end of the class. Ann came in with her students and noticed I was occupied with that student. Without asking, she watched over my class and even started warm-ups with them. This allowed me to focus on the sick student. (Scott Hittle)

Beth Howard & Shannon Ramps- For making the teacher workroom a welcoming place for us to work in and eat lunch. (Melissa Pahl)

Beth Howard- 1) Redoing the break room to make it a more inviting place. 2) Filling the fruit, paper products & especially the candy jar! (Mary Beth Jimison)

Beth Howard- Beth has done so much to make VVIS a happy place to come to each day! The paintings on the walls, the additions to the lounge, and everything else she does on a regular basis has helped boost morale immensely! We at VVIS are so lucky to have you, Beth! Thank you! (Anna Swanson)

Daniel Owens- I set up my mailbox to send to copiers, however, it did not work. Daniel was able to help me set it up correctly (he did all the work). I was extremely grateful! (Beth Howard)

Daniel Owens- For helping to raise staff morale on a very hot and humid day by providing cold drinks for all staff in the teachers’ lounge. (Jillian Swanson)

Amy Ferguson- While walking past my classroom during a storm, Amy noticed water dripping from the ceiling onto the shelf below. That’s where the chrome books were sitting. I came back from the work room and she had moved them all. Thanks, Amy! (Pam Saulters)

Daniel Owens- Mr. Owens continuously thinks of others and does things for them. I mentioned I was out of tape for my dispenser and the next day he brought me a tape roll. (Cara Fields)


Erica Hamm's STEM Club is now up and running with twenty-six 5th & 6th graders. The students will be engaging in lot of fun, hands-on experiments the will expose them to a variety of topics. The hope is that these experiences will peak their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math while also keeping them curious and asking questions about the world around them. The club meets every other Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:30 in Mrs. Hamm's room.

Valley Pals

The preschool and 3rd grade staffs are working together this year to provide some unique learning opportunities to both groups of students. Once per month, three 3rd grade classrooms visit the preschoolers in the morning and three in the afternoon. The older kids read to the younger ones and also are working with them to recycle used markers from the Primary School. The used markers are used as the basis of a variety of math and science lessons such as counting, classifying and making predictions.

PTO News

The PTO is sponsoring the Book Fair that will begin Monday morning, October 8th and run through the 12th. There will be evening hours on Wednesday that week from 5:30 to 8:30 as well as a "kick-off" event for the staff at 3:30 on Friday, the 5th. The PTO is also sponsoring a Halloween dance on Saturday evening, October 27th. The next PTO meeting is at 5:00 on the 8th.

Inclusion Planning Meetings

Inclusion Planning meetings take place in the Intermediate school on Tuesday, the 16th for 4th grade, the 17th for 5th grade and the 18th for the 6th grade.

Parent Conferences

Conferences this fall for 4th-6th grade students will take place on Thursday, October 25th and Thursday, November 1st. Preschool conferences will be held on these same days along with Friday, the 26th.