Building Update

Valley View Primary & Intermediate Schools- 2/7/18

By the Numbers

Student/Teacher Ratios



1st Grade-21.2

2nd Grade-19.2

3rd Grade-21.3

4th Grade-21.0

5th Grade-19.2

6th Grade-25.8

Average Daily Attendance

Primary School: 94.9%

Intermediate School: 95.3%

Professional Learning Committees

The focus of PLC meetings in February at all grade levels will be reviewing the data from the winter benchmark assessments in December. Specifically, we will look at which students continue to demonstrate significant deficits in reading and/or math and reviewing/revising the interventions these students are receiving. Originally, this was the plan for the January meetings but the schedule had to be adjusted due to other priorities that emerged.

Invention Convention

Allison Batten and Jen Fischer are continuing to work with those 4th-6th grade students who have signed up for Invention Convention. Meetings take place every two weeks with the final competition taking place on the 20th in the cafeteria.

January Students of the Month


Alana Johnson, Cecil Pohl-Rieger, Everett Adams, Graham Smithson, Kara McNutt, Will Ferguson


Jaxton Yates, Haylee Barnes, Kinley Fields, Jorah Tackett, Clara Mason, Maddox Roe, Kallie Downs, Tyler Hayden

1st Grade

Vince Mazzucco, Charlie Houk, Kerri Rehmert, Gavin Lewis, Desaree Dyehouse, Ethan Cline,

Heidi Reffitt, Maliah Crooks, Bryan Prunkard

2nd Grade

Luke Bromagen, Shyann Thrush, Bella Asterino, Brenna Hensley, Kaelyn Cornett, Dane Bush

3rd Grade

Austin Flynn, Naomi Metcalf, Jaydon Sargent, Olivia Erbaugh, Jozey Kelhoffer, Luke Schade

4th Grade

Grace Rettich, Jarin Plants , Lexi Miller, Dylan Bradford, Violet Horvath, Brody Peter, William Thomas, Anthony Valenti, Claire Barnett, Draven Gierek, Allison Green, Evan Philpot

5th Grade

Luca Kerridge, Kyla Griffith, Cloe Michaels,Owen Malara, Grace Busch, Fletcher Duff, Pierce Henkes, William Garland

6th Grade

Hayley Duncil, Ross Michael, Ella Ragon, Jedrek Lynch, Miki Hill, Tyler Wright, Ava Marascio, Abi Jennings

Parent Conferences

Parent- Teacher conferences take place this month on the 8th & 15th from 3:45 to 7:15.

Valentine's Day Dance & Parties

Valentine's Day parties will take place in both school at 2:30 on Wednesday, the 14th. Thanks to all the room moms who make this possible. The PTO is also sponsoring a Valentine's Day Dance on Saturday evening, the 10th.

Professional Development Day

The staffs of both schools will be participating in the Professional Development Day on Friday, the 16th. The Primary School general education teachers will work again with a representative from Heinemann Publishing to continue implementation of the guided reading program which will be completely adopted next school year. The specials teachers, aides and intervention specialists will be participating in the mental health training at the high school.

In the Intermediate School, all teachers will receive supplemental PAX training during the morning. In the afternoon, they will work on plans to implement "Spartan Days" starting in March. Spartan Days will be held on Fridays beginning March 2nd and continue to the end of the school year. On these days, the students and staff will arrive at the usual time but the day will be run on a 2-hour delay schedule. During the 1st hour, we will focus on providing intensive language arts interventions to students who need them. In the 2nd hour, we will focus on math. The Intermediate School aides will participate in the mental health training at the high school.

Lions Club Citizenship Award Assembly

On Friday morning, the 23rd, we will have an assembly for the 6th grade students at 9:15 in the auditorium. At this assembly, representatives from the Lions Club will recognize those students identified by their teachers as being exemplary good citizens of the school community. All nominees will receive a certificate and parents will be sent a congratulatory letter. Among the criteria are regular attendance, interest in learning, demonstrating respect for others and helping to create a good learning environment at school.

Valley View Card Club

6th grade teacher Anna Swanson is starting an after school card club. The focus will be to make greeting cards and sent them to deserving people such as those in nursing homes, those in hospitals, and those serving the in military. The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, the 13th. All Intermediate School students are welcome to attend.

Pennies for Patients

6th grade teacher Melissa Feltz is coordinating a Pennies for Patients campaign to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This kicked off on the 5th with Dollar Days Week during which students were encouraged to dress up and donate a dollar. Week 2 will feature the selling of Val-O-Grams and Week 3 will provide students with the opportunity to buy blow pops.

Val-O-Grams in the Primary School

The PTO will be selling Val-O-Grams in the Primary School the week of Valentine's Day on the 12th, 13th & 14th. Students can buy them in their classrooms for 25 cents each or 5 for $1.

Book Study Meetings at the Primary School

Lindsey Schmidt has started her latest book study, this time based on Who's Doing the Work? by Jan Miller Burkins and Kim Yaris. Approximately 20 teachers from both buildings are participating. Meetings are held in the Primary School library at 8:10 on Friday mornings.

3rd Grade Mystery Solved

The 3rd grade teachers recently set up a mystery for their students to solve based on the novel, Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe. After reading the book, the teachers re-enacted the part in which someone kidnapped the main character, a bunny named "Bunnicaula". Classroom props were created and fake voice mails were left on teachers' cell phones to provide clues which the students had to follow to solve the crime. Over the course of a week, students came to school, eager to learn what would unfold next in this mini-drama! The crime was successfully solved on Friday, January 26th and the perpetrator was revealed to be none other than Lindsey Schmidt (see picture below).
Big picture

Science Fair

Erica Hamm has 5th grade students hard at work, preparing for the STEM fair on February 24th at the junior high. From investigating the dirtiest door knobs in the building, to discovering which gym floor in the district produces the highest bounce, students have been collecting and analyzing data for their very own experiments. This will be their first opportunity to participate in the STEM fair, and they are doing a fantastic job. We are proud to be guiding the scientists of the future.