Newark Academy is Not in Newark

And other things you should know about NA!

The first day....

The first day is never easy, but it's not easy to explain either. Here are some tips:

  1. If you can't open your locker on the second or third try, consider getting Ms. T to open it for you (She'll probably introduce herself in the beginning of the day).
  2. Always carry around your extra copy of your schedule. That way, you'll know which classroom to go to, what the teacher's name is, and what class is next.
  3. Ask the nearest teacher what you are supposed to bring to your classes the first time that you have them.
  4. Be polite and make sure to pay a lot of attention to the teacher. There are a lot of things that need to be gone over and will make your life easier if you know from the start.
  5. Know where all of the bathrooms are. It's more important then you think.
  6. Try to avoid the taboos on the first week - detention, cheating on tests or homework, or going against the NA honor code.
  7. Have lots of fun!


Everyone wants friends, and here are some ways to make them:

  1. It is a folkway at NA to be nice to anyone and everyone, and that is a great way to start.
  2. Introduce yourself to your "locker buddies" - the people whose lockers are right next to your on either side of you. These people will most likely be your "locker buddies" for the rest of middle school.
  3. Try to engage in conversation about things around you like how good (or bad) the lunch was, homework, and as a last resort, the weather.
  4. It is a taboo to bully, and there is a simple way to avoid punishment: Don't do it.

All of these are good examples of the social patterns at NA.

So many choices! What to wear, what to wear...

Every day, the hardest choice is deciding what to wear. You have so many questions! Is this in dress code? What will happen if you're out of dress code? Well, fear not! I've made a list of what you can and can't wear, so there's no harm to your permanent record!

Here is what is out of dress code:

(I created a collage of pictures that show some of what you can't wear above.)

  • Denim jeans
  • Leggings
  • Shirts with words or pictures
  • Hooded sweatshirts
  • Sloppy, baggy clothes
  • Ripped clothes
  • Exposing clothes
  • See-through clothes
  • Athletic "slides"
  • Hats
  • Spaghetti-straps
  • Halters
  • Athletic Pinnies

Here is what is in dress code:

  • Colored jeans (any color but denim)
  • Leggings (when wearing a long shirt)
  • Shirts with words/pictures (on Friday)
  • Tank tops (if straps are three fingers wide)
  • Sandals (if they are not flip-flops)
  • Blouses
  • Shirts with small logos on them
  • Polo shirts
  • etc.

For a more complete guide to the appearance code, here's a link to the online Student and Parent Handbook:

(Look at page 48)

The dress code is an example of the artistic culture at NA (The standards about beauty.) There are some things I have noticed about students in relation to the dress code.

It has almost become a folkway for girls not to be in dress code. I see blue jeans and leggings and shirts with words all the time! I think it might be because the punishment for middle schoolers is not as strict, and most of the time, teachers don't really mind as much.

We be lunchin' - get munchin'!

Oh....The delicious smell of lunch wafting down the hallways. Walking through the door, and then you are enveloped in the delicious scent of pizza bagels and the ever-changing entrées. If you only want to carry one thing, I suggest getting a tray. Make sure to get a fork! If it's Thursday or Friday, be sure to get some frozen yogurt! And, like many wrong suspicions about middle school food, the food at NA is really awesome!

If you would like an alternative to the hot lunches, there is always a salad bar and bagels available, along with bread, cheese, meat, and a four panini presses.

To your locker, and beyond! (Well, really only to class, but you get the idea!)

Every student at NA gets assigned a locker in the hallway, and it's important to keep it clean and organized. So important, in fact, that it is a more. Here are some tips for keeping your locker neat and tidy:

  1. Always close your locker before you go away from it. Things can fall out, people can write on your whiteboard (if you have one), and even steal things that you need.
  2. Remember your combination! If you forget it, then you need to go to the middle school office and ask them what it is.
  3. Throw away any clutter. If you have extra papers that you don't need, recycle them! You don't need extra stuff crammed in there along with all of your books.
  4. Food should hide somewhere else. There is no food allowed in lockers, and for a good reason too. You will get a very unpleasant army of ants to live in your locker, and not only will it trouble you, it will trouble someone next year! Too many people have ants in their lockers. Let's stop the trend.
  5. Organize! If you want to be as quick between classes as possible, then do what I do: Organize by subject. It is a multi-step process, so get ready to be tidy!
  • Get several locker shelves
  • Empty out your locker completely
  • Put in the shelves
  • Organize as so: Books (not textbooks), pencils, post-it notes, etc. go in the top shelf area. Second shelf: Math binder, science folder, science textbooks. Third shelf: Language binder and textbook, music for chorus or band. Fourth shelf: Humanities and English binder, writer's journal.

Below I have pictures and reviews of the three shelves that I purchased from amazon.

If you would like any help with your locker, you can contact me. My information is at the bottom of the page.

Questions, anyone?

My name is Zoe Fleysher. Here is how to contact me if you have any further questions, or just wanted help getting adjusted to NA: