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Recent International News: The Line of Demarcation

Back in 1493, Spanish-born Pope Alexander VI has set the Line of Demarcation. This is set to divide the non-European world into two different zones: one controlled by Spain and the other by Portugal. Spain has won control of the lands west of the line, and Portugal gained rights to the new lands of the east. Spain has had the trading and exploration rights east of the line, and Portugal had the same rights east of the line. The line was never defined by degrees of latitude and longitude, or strictly enforced, until now. The specific terms were assented to. The Treaty of Tordesillas was signed between the two countries. The treaty made it obvious between Spain and Portugal that they needed to build their empires more quickly than ever. Today, the Pope, has just granted his official recognition of this agreement in 1506. Spain and Portugal, with a few exceptions, remained loyal to the terms of the treaty; the Portuguese would expand deep into Brazil beyond the Demarcation Line, but Spain did not object. The competing powers in Europe totally ignored the line. The Line of Demarcation has been proved to be much more important over time.
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The Slave Business

For years now, Europeans have used the slaves to complete the work on their plantations. People did not have the slaves perform housework because they wanted everyone to know their high status in society. The Europeans have been relying on African rulers and trade to capture captives and bring them to trading posts. The captives have been exchanged for metals, textiles, rum, tobacco, weapons, and gunpowder. This erupted into an enormous profitable business to fill the spot for cheap labor. Thousands and thousands of African shaves are shipped to Europe. Some African leaders are trying to slow down or even stop the transatlantic slave trade. The first person to stand out against the slave trade was Affonso I. To slaves all around Africa, Affonso I was their saving grace. It wasn't until now, that he was announced that he was going to find a way to develop Kongo as a Christian state.
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Technology Advancements

There have been many advancements in the field of nautical travel. Many people have pulled together to figure out the greatest scientific struggle of this century: how to get to the Pacific by means of the Atlantic. This has caused cartographers and scientists to pool together all of their knowledge to come up with new and improved designs of ships that can move faster, and for a longer period of time by being able to carry more weight for food and the necessities of life. An example of these are the Dutch Ships. The Dutch Ships were made explicitly for explorers in how they were perfect for carrying cargo and could weather the elements of being at sea for long periods of time. There was also great progress in the creation of the compass. The magnetic compass, or compass rose, has a magnetic needle that shows the direction the ship is traveling by reference of the four cardinal directions. This helped sailors keep the bearings on where they are going and stay on track. These advances in technology has helped people of this age reach places they could only dream of!
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An Interview with Ama Abey

This week I was extremely lucky to meet with Mr. Ama Abey from the Cherokee tribe of North America.

Kenny: Welcome Mr. Abey.

Abey: It's nice to be here.

Kenny: Now according to my research that means Water Leaf, correct?

Abey: Yes, very well done. It comes from when I was a boy. They called me leaf because I spent so much time hiding in trees. And they named me water because I was one of the best swimmers.

Kenny: I always enjoy hearing back stories to names. Now tell me how do you feel about the colonization of your world.

Abey: To be honest Ken, I am very distraught. All you people have done is brought, war, disease, and famine.

Kenny: How’s that?

Abey: Well when they first came we showed them nothing but hospitality, gave them food, showed them to farm. You know they were strangers and we were being nice. But then they started to encroach on our land.

Kenny: That must have been disheartening, giving them so much and getting nothing in return.

Abey: It was very much. We started to warn them they were taking too much space and they started to hurt us with their guns. We could not compete. Our spears did nothing against their leather hides.

Kenny: So I'm assuming you lost.

Abey: Yes, and they ravaged our living spaces, killed our women, and enslaved the men and strong children.

Kenny: I'm very sorry for your loss, and sorry to say that we are out of time. Thank you so much for giving me the time to interview you.

Abey: Happy to be here!

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Joe’s Spice Emporium

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Osei Tutu: A Remembrance of this Great Military Leader

Osei Tutu was the founder of the Asante Kingdom. He was captured by his enemy Denkyara, and was going to be held in court but escaped and fled to the state Akwamu. He then lead a small Akwamun force and combined forces with a Kumasi and fought the Denkyara, ending with a victory. He then became the powerful king of the nation. He served the nation for sixteen years and the most important leader of this kingdom. His military prowess was renowned throughout the nation and is known to make the most powerful state in the area. Unfortunately, he drew his last breath in the year 1717 in a battle against the neighboring kingdom, the Akyem. It is now a perfect time to remember all that he did and be thankful for the kingdom he leaves behind. May he be remembered by all and may songs of hardships flow through the nation for all to here!

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Travel to Goa

The Portuguese have been front runners in the search of new land. They have recently aquired a new island off of the coast of India called Goa. The newest head of exploration, Afonso de Albuquerque, was the one to take this delectable piece of land that will be a key place of trade with Asia and an important part of our colonization of East Asia, especially India. This island had for a long time been controlled by Muslim princes. Using a very efficient process of a lot of firepower from twenty three ships, Afonso assaulted and took over Goa in about half a year. During the attack, there was a time when things seemed bleak and the Muslims had seemed to get the best of Afonso again, like in Cochin, but Afonso turned things around and completely flushed out all Muslims from the island and had claimed it for the power of Portugal.

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Leonardo’s Linen Factory

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Ferdinand Magellan: World Renowned Explorer Will Be Missed

Loved explorer will be missed, sadly died on April 27, 1521. After Circumnavigating the globe he met his inopportune demise in the Philippines. While traveling the world this man was able to find his way to the south sea. We now will call it the Pacific, because as he described it, it is peaceful. Ferdinand will always be remembered in our hearts, and in our prayers. May it be very unfortunate that he met his demise to the hands of the savage Philipineanians. He would have brought them wealth and God. He left behind a lovely wife, Maria Barbosa, and two children. But it should not be dwelled on how he will be missed but how he will be remembered. We will never forget Ferdinand Magellan as the man who circled the globe.
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Vasco Da Gama: We Will Always Remember the Spice King

The King of Spice will be remembered. Vasco Da Gama, the first man to travel all the way to the spice port of Calicut in India died sadly on December 24, 1524. Vasco made his first trip 1497 where he sailed around the Cape of Good Hope. From there he made it all the way to the spice port of Calicut where he helped to develop a Portuguese monopoly of spice trading. When he returned from his first trip he instantly became very rich. Vasco left behind a wife, six sons, and one daughter. Vasco opened the way for much spice trade and we will remember him as an entrepreneur, and a businessman, with a big ego but also a large heart. Although he may be missed, it will not be sad, but happy to remember what an amazing man he was.
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Fernando's Trading Post

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