The Harlem Renaissance


Behind the Art

The reason behind the art of the Harlem Renaissance was to teach everyone about the African American life style. The art mainly focuses on the History of the South, the journey of the African Americans freedom in Africa to enslavement in the United States and from liberation after the Civil War.

Names of the Aritsts

Aaron Douglas (1899-1979)

Many of the pieces Douglas created were about the life styles of the African Americans. He painted murals on buildings of African American publications such as The Crisis and Opportunity.

Lois Mailou Jones (1905-1998)

Most of the pieces Lois created were about color, texture, and design. Some of her paintings were pictures of poor people struggling.

Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000)

Lawrence's work was based off of a series of paintings of the African American immigration from Africa to the United States. He mainly focused on the History of the South.