Sara Gaiser

Fill in the blank

The piano movers nearly dropped the piano due to its ____________ proportions.
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Ponderous - adjective

1. Extremely heavy; massive
2. Unwieldy or awkward
3. Dull or tedious

Other Parts of Speech

ponderously- adverb

ponderousness- noun


1. Bulky
2. Clumsy
3. Weighty
4. Cumbrous
5. Banal
6. Burdensome


1. Agile
2. Adroit
3. Light

Proper Use/ Tips

Ponderous has nothing to do with the word ponder, meaning to think. The words share a French origin but are not related in their English definition.


In the 1400s, ponderous meant "thick"; In the early 1500s it developed into the definition we know today as "heavy, weighty, or clumsy".

It comes from the Latin root ponderosus which means "great weight; full of meaning" and pondus which means "weight".

Choose the sentence in which the bold face word is used incorrectly.

A. The Ford Excursion, the largest SUV ever made, was discontinued due to its ponderous size and poor market place perception.
B. The German Panther tank, although heavily armored, was so ponderous it often got stuck in the mud, losing battles to lighter Soviet tanks.
C. Many students drop out of organic chemistry due to the ponderous nature of the subject.
D.The ballet dancers ponderous nature allowed her to advance her career to the Royal Ballet.


The answer is D since a ballet dancer would not have heavy or awkward dance movements.