Granville Redmond

Brooke Denham

Meet Redmond

Granville Redmond was born March 9, 1871 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died May 24, 1935 in Los Angeles, California. Redmond attended the California School for the Deaf in Fremont, California from 1879-1890. After he finished he enrolled in the California School of Design in San Francisco for 3 years. In 1898, Redmond married Carrie Ann Jean and had 3 kids.

Redmond was born hearing, but got scarlet fever at age 2 1/2 and became deaf.

Why Redmond Was Famous

Granville Redmond was an artist and a minor actor, playing small roles in movies, such as: You'd Be Surprised, A Regular Fellow, and etc.. His art instructor recognized his talent early and encouraged him. Redmond was known for landscape paintings, which were inspired by California landscapes. Several of his paintings were coastal landscapes between Laguna Beach and Monterey, California. Although, most of his paintings were bright, Redmond preferred to do darker paintings. Showed an extreme understanding of depth throughout his paintings.

Interesting Facts

  • Was good friends with Charlie Chaplin
  • Won W. E. Brown Award of Excellence, California School of Design in 1891
  • He was one of the first tonalist painters in California, tonalist means that he used soft lighting and shadows.
  • "Matin d'hiver" was accepted in the Paris Salon in 1895.

"The highest tribute paid to an artist is the reflection of man's noblest work-to inspire."