Book Genres


Mystery books mostly involve a crime or something puzzling for the main character to solve. It makes a person hold on to the book, reading all the twists and turns, still holding on and hanging on the edge of your seat until the very end.


Fantasy books are books that have made-up things like wizards, unicorns, and animals that can talk. Fantasy makes us use our imagination, make pictures in our minds that makes us want to be in the book and want us to live in these magical worlds.


Humor is a genre that can make people laugh their head off. Humor can also be is spit into different . Humor I think makes us laugh because it either makes up remember a funny memory, something the main character did or just stand up comedy.


Adventure books are one of the best kind of books. Adventure is a very thrill taking and exciting book. It makes us want to go on these adventures with the main character. Doing these dangerous things and making us wondering what will happen next.


Thriller books are mostly thrilling books that makes you wait more and more until your at the end of the book. In the books the main character has a goal, a nearly impossible one at times and they have to complete it. Sometimes thrillers can be scary or something else.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre that is out of the ordinary. Science fiction is mostly aliens, things that involve different life forms, time travel and space travel. This genre is a lot of things we think is going to happen in the future.


Romance is when there's usually two main characters who fall in LOVE with each other or somebody falls in love with a person. Romance can be real or fantasy. Romance can involve kissing or dating a person.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a story that is in a past time period or a story that was based on something that happened during a historical event. It can involve story's like a war, the first plane built or something in the 1900's.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is a story that is based on real events or something that can happen in real life. In Realistic fiction there is no fantasy, science fiction, or made up things. Only the facts or REAL stuff.


Biography is a story of somebody's life but written by someone else. Most biography books are based on somebody in real life.


A Autobiography is a biography( a story of someone's life written by another person) but written by the person who is the main character in the story.


A Memoir is a book of memory's to remember a person. Memoir can be filled with good or bad memory's.