Hello Gorgeous

Congratulations on launching your Stella & Dot business!

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I'm so excited for you:

There is so much to talk about and learn as you dive into your business-- I want to give your some steps for announcing you're a stylist, booking your first shows, and keeping those bookings going with simple ideas of how to book at the trunk show. Stella & Dot's Stellaverse has tons of information and videos but these are what you should start with!

Keeping Your Trunk Shows Rolling

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Booking At The Trunk Show

This, I've learned, is one of the best opportunities to meet new people and grow your WDYK list. These people are already at a Stella & Dot trunk show and loving the accessories! Sometimes as a stylist you might feel like you're being pushy or over bearing; you're not. To help you feel more confident, make talking about hosting and joining as a stylist a routine thing so it doesn't feel so out of the blue. Here are some great ways you can do that that flow with your trunk show.

Your "Group Hello"

When you are beginning your trunk show and most everyone has arrived, you'll want to, of course, introduce yourself as the Stylist! Keep this simple, tell them a little bit about Stella & Dot, and THANK YOUR HOSTESS. This is the best place to first mention hosting-- right when you mention all the fabulous rewards your hostess is going to get!

During The Style Session

As your trunk show goes on and you get to know your guests and their wishlists, mention hosting. I usually mention it to people who I notice LOVE everything (who doesn't), who say things like "I just love it all!", or have a bunch of items on their wishlist. Mention to them they could get a bunch of stuff for FREE if they host!

Check Out Chat

As you check your guests out and complete their order, ask them if they want to host a show. Ask everyone.. and don't feel nervous or worried about it. Why? Because you are doing THEM a favor. They earn hostess rewards a free product. So offer it to them and let them know how easy it is. Let them know that you do the invites and our website automatically sends out a reminder a week before-- How easy! If now is not the time, no worries, let them know you'll keep them in mind for the future.

This Is Just the Start!

Use these simple tips to help get you started-- you're going to learn so many more and develop your own but when you just start out, its easy to feel lost. I am YOUR sponsor, here to help you with any questions or ideas you may have. I will help you reach your goals because I LOVE the flexibility and freedom having a direct sales job gives you. To be a motivating part of whatever success you're thinking of achieving is motivation for me! My phone is always by my side-- give me a ring or text if you need me!

Start thinking of your goals and what you want out of this opportunity-- and lets get you there!

xo, A