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People problems with collecting dirty water.

Everest Ngirukwayo, 48, sitting outside his house with his son Innocent Twagira, 15, who is recovering from nearly drowning in the lake while collecting water. Nyiramahirwe village, Bugesera, Rwanda.

Milimo Mwiinga, 25, who is pregnant, with her son Gifty, who nearly died of diarrhoea. Kayola village, Namavwa ward, Zambia.

“We collect water from 20-30km away, usually about once every ten days. We share a boat with our neighbours as we can’t afford our own. This water gives us diarrhoea – we know it does – but what else can we do – we have no choice. When I give the water to my daughter I know it will make her ill. It makes me very sad.”

Information about the Crisis

Over 748 million people do not have access to safe water

500,000 children die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation - that's over 1,400 children a day.

Many kids miss school and waste most of their days collecting water.

Many people can't get jobs to pay for life needed objects because they are un educated.

for kids The weight of the water container can cause damage to the head, neck and spine, and the distances walked mean that children may miss out entirely on their education.

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So if you are still unclear about our solution we plan to bring wells to local villages and we will give those people our filter products. So they can drink clean water from dirty water. We use filters to clean the dirty water. Our filters remove 99.9%

Our product is like this


LifeStraw makes toilet water drinkable