Maple Syrup Urine Disease

By: Evan Wilkins


Maple Syrup Urine Diseases (MSUD) is where the way the body dissolves down amino acids. The diseases breaks down three specific amino acids, these can be amino acids reuses and they would be broken down, and used for energy. These three specific acids are known as isoleucine, valine, and leucine.

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If Your Infected.

In an infected (infected with MSUD) human persons body, the disease makes one of the protein’s lack in it’s ability. Maple Syrup Urine Disease can cause a abnormally high volume of amino acid in their blood. Which could led to death if it is not founded in the body fast enough. This is because of the decline in brain cells.

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MSUD Infection

MSUD is inherited, by two parents who both have the MSUD disease in their gene. If both parents have the diseases, the child has a 25% chance of getting the diseases. MSUD has a recessive pattern also.. But the only way for a child to get the diseases would be a birth defect, and there is a 50% chance the child will be a carry.

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MSUD Symptons

The Maple Syrup Urine Diseases causes you to you smell like pancakes, you have go into a coma, you will avoid food, your urine will smell like maple syrup, vomiting, and seizures, irregular sleep patterns, increasing lethargy, weight loss, abnormal appetite, and a weakness in the muscles.


To treat MSUD, a person would have to change their diet. The infected person would have to have a diet free of any proteins. But you will always have to use this diet because it could cause damage that is neurological.

The Disease is extremely rare causing the infected ration in babies to be 1:180,000.

MSUD can leave a distinct odor your earwax, sweat and of course urine.