Change Over Time

Jasser Viveros

What Was The Change?

The Scientific revolution happened during the renaissance period and it was a change of what people thought of the natural world through careful observation. During this time period, European explorers traveled to Africa, Asia, and parts of the Americas, later finding plenty of new discoveries. The invention of the printing press during this time period also helped spread news as well as ideas. The role of the church was also majorly affected by this rapidly changing time period.

Who were the people associated with the change?

An Italian scientist named Galileo Galilee created a telescope in which he modified by placing very advanced lenses into, giving him the ability to look at stars and planets as well as study them. Later, a scientist named Janssen invented the microscope, allowing other scientists to study cells and bacteria. In 1628, a man named Harvey revealed how the human heart functions letting scientists figure out how to operate very advanced procedures of operations. years later in 1687, Newton published a book describing gravitational laws, giving an enormous bunch of workers ideas on how to improve many structures (houses, buildings, roads, rocket ships, etc).

How did the change impact the society at the time?

Because churches were so powerful at the time and science contradicted religion, many scientists were executed, but it left many people speculating about their beliefs. This change lead to a plethora of curious explorers, doctors, scientists and many others working on new inventions as well as creating new theories on how and why everything in nature worked. As time passed, many theories were being proven right and religion was being dis-proven, many people started to abandon their religious beliefs, leading to a decline in the church's power. This time period was a time where art, literature and technology where a major part in the renaissance culture.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

The Renaissance time period changed the way people believed in many different things. For instance, because of the scientific revolution, the power of the church has been heavily decreased. Today, The church is it's own private business run by people who want to support it. Art has also been revolutionized. the renaissance took many of the older art styles and made it more detailed, advanced and realistic. The most change the scientific revolution faced was technological change. Many past inventions from the Renaissance time period have been taken and been modified to help people. one way people use past inventions today is the microscope. Janssen, (the creator of the microscope) invented the microscope to see how bacteria and cells function. Scientists later started to study these in more depth by modifying his invention and using it to study diseases, infections, viruses and much more. Galileo Galilee's studies of the stars and planets have aided today's astronomers recognize and observe what Galileo saw, helping us understand what was all around earth as well as the rest of the universe (with the help of (satellites). Finally, Newton's book about the laws of gravity have helped scientists figure out why and how everything falls, as well as help people understand how the planets and stars stay up in space without falling.