I Got this! - Amy Bockerstette

May 18, 2021

Amy Bockerstette made history as she became the first person with Down syndrome to compete in a national collegiate athletic championship, the NJCAA golf national championship.

The 22-year-old is a sophomore at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, and is no stranger to making history. Upon entering Paradise Valley, she was the first person with Down syndrome to earn a college athletic scholarship. She'll be attending the tournament through May 13. - Gabriel Fernandez, CBS News Check out the link to the article here

Amy exemplifies growth mindset as she reminds herself "I got this." In the below video, we learn what "I got this" means to her and how she wants to share that belief and honor with others. She started a foundation called the "I GOT THIS" Foundation which creates a vision of inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities to participate in golf and sporting events.

Gary Woodland and Amy Bockerstette | Paying it forward
Supporting Strength Based Transitions

It is time to start planning for our students who are going to experience a transition this fall. We have a NEW process! Check out this site to learn more about Strength-Based Transition Meetings meetings this year. (Click on the blue button!)

We are going to support students in a bit of a new transition process this year. For many students the incredible supports for all students are providing a beautiful bridge to their transition. Our process is going to focus on meetings that support our some and few.

Supporting students across grade level transitions is a pivotal way that we are able to honor a student’s current school experience and share in their new transition. This is an opportunity to lift a student’s voice and choice, while celebrating their educational experience.

We know that our school-based context shifts drastically between grade levels and buildings. This is a moment for us to presume competence, as we cannot predict if a student’s experience will be similar or dissimilar as they transition to their new grade level and/or building. This is a moment to celebrate our students strengths, their incredible growth and our time with them.

The purpose of grade level transition meeting is to collaboratively prepare a student for a transition and to bring forward student strengths and strategies.

Check out this site, book mark it and help us add resources to support our colleagues. This site walks us through our Guiding Principles, Procedural Guidance, Preparing for Meetings, Holding Meetings and Resources.

June 11th! Plan to have held ALL IEP Meetings

Our calendar has shifted this year, but we still need to complete our June Count on the same timeline. Support our count, Maria and Ruth, by holding all IEP meetings by June 11th.

Please turn in all paperwork by June 18th

As you wrap up meetings by June 11th, please turn in all paperwork by June 18th. This will include:

  • IEP Paperwork
  • Progress Notes
  • Summary of Performance for students who graduate from high school with a regular diploma or student who "age out" of special education services