Night of the Twisters

By:Ivy Ruckman written by Colby


One summer day Dan and Arthur were at the skate park.They went back to their house and Dan asked if Arthur could come over and he did.They were watching TV when these big letters came up on the TV CD...CD...CD [ which means civil defense emergency ].Then they looked at the weather and it was bad then the tornado sirens went off.Then mom had to go tell Ms.Smiley that a tornado was coming and she told Dan and Arthur if the sirens go back on then they had to get Ryan and go down to the basement. Then the sirens came back on and they grabbed Ryan and went to the basement.Then the tornado hit and it stayed on their house and broke their roof and it was falling on them.Then the tornado stopped and they came out of the bathroom and they looked around and all there was left was the cement foundation. Then Stacey found them in the basement and instructed them how to get out of the basement.Then when they got out Dan wanted to find his mom.First he went to Ms.Smileys house because that is where his mom went when the tornado hit and he found her.Then Dan,Arthur,and Stacey went to get Ms.Smiley.When they got her they took her on to the bus.Then Dan,Arthur,and Stacey had to ride with a policeman because the bus was full.The officers name was Kelly and when they got in the car they went to head quarters.On the way another tornado hit and it broke officer Kelly's glasses and Dan had to drive to head quarters.When they got there Dan,Arthur,and Stacey had to go in a prison cell for the night but instead they got out in the middle of the night.Dan went to go look for his mom at Kmart and when he got there everybody was outside and Dan was sad because it was a big crowd and he thought he would never find them so he went to go to try to find his dad at the house.On the way there a big pickup truck was accelerating at Dan and it was dad with mom and Ryan in the car.Then they went back home and they looked at their destroyed house.Then dad said well be living in the barn for a while.


Problem solution

One problem is that their house got destroyed.The solution is that they will live on the farm for a while.Another problem is that they weren't with their parents when the tornado hit.The solution was that they looked together to find their parents.


The time is at the end of the day in the summer.The location is Grand Island,Nebraska.The weather is rainy and windy.