The Jaguar Stones Series

You will never know what happens next

About J & P Voekel

Jon Voekel grew up in Peru, although he was not a born adventurer but he became to be one. When they arent writing books or at schools, they attend some of the Mayan mettings. Jon Voekel advertised the book in the United States, England, Spain, and Holland. Jon likes the action scenes, when Pamela like the characters and how they feel.

About the series

The Jaguar Stones Series is a amazing series it is filled with fantasy and adventure. I like this series for its amazing storyline. The stories are great there is three, Middleworld, The End of The World Club, and finally The River of No Return. I think everyone should read this series, if they are intrested in fantasy and adventure. You will never know what happens next in the adventures of Max Murphy.