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October 22, 2022

Chick-fil-A Canned Food Drive

Thank you for your donations for our canned food drive this week! We appreciate your contributions!


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SMS Halloween 10.31

Students are encouraged to dres sup for Halloween at SMS on 10.31. Students can earn prizes as well.

All costumes must be school appropriate and follow all school rules.

The Strongsville City Schools “Greet & Treat” 10/24

The Strongsville City Schools “Greet & Treat” annual event will be held at Strongsville High School’s Pat Catan Stadium on Monday, October 24 from 5:30pm - 7:00pm. Dress up in your best Halloween costume and collect candy and treats in an outdoor, family-friendly atmosphere. We will also be accepting donations of non-perishable items for the Strongsville Food Bank and other local food pantries that evening. We hope to see lots of families at this year’s “Greet & Treat” on October 24!
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Chromebook Update

~Students need to charge their chromebook at home EVERY NIGHT, so they are prepared for

school the next day.

~Students do NOT get a loaner chromebook from the Media Center if they forget to bring their charged chromebook to school.

~Students should carry their chromebooks in the chromebook cases provided to them so we

don’t have so many cracked screens. Only chromebooks, and possibly the chromebook cord,

should be carried in the chromebook case; books, pencils, papers, etc. are NOT to be carried

in the chromebook case. Chromebook cases are NOT to be left at home.

~Students are NOT to put stickers on their chromebook. The only 2 stickers on the chromebook should be the sticker on the front with the students name and team, and the sticker on the back with a number on it. If a student has other stickers on their chromebook, the student should take them off.

~When a student has turned in their chromebook for repair, the student needs to check their

school email at least once a day to see if their chromebook has been repaired and is ready for pick-up in the Media Center. If their chromebook is repaired, the student should pick it up as soon as possible, after discussing it with their teacher

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You are invited to our VETERANS DAY PARADE at SMS. If you are a Veteran, or if you know a Veteran, you are invited to join our Veterans Day Parade!

The Parade will be on November 11th at 9:00am at Strongsville Middle School.

Please come and join our SMS students, as we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. As you drive through our parking lot, our Strongsville Veteran's will be given a small token of our appreciation while serenaded with a tribute of American music from our select band, choir, and orchestra. Thank you for all for your service to protect our country.

The Parade will begin at 9:00am on November 11th. You will follow the signs through our parking lot. As you slowly move through the line, roll down your windows so you can hear the music that is being dedicated to you. You are welcome to stop and listen for awhile. We hope to see you on November 11th, at 9:00am.

Click Here for Your Official Invitation

Please RSVP below by November 4, 2022

Yes, I would love to be a part of the Veteran's Day Parade at SMS on 11/11/22

Looking for Our Veteran Families at SMS

Mrs. Peck (media assistant) will be putting together a slideshow using pictures sent to her of SMS students' family members who are veterans of our military. Here is the procedure for your child to submit pictures:

For all SMS students and staff who have veterans in their family and would like them included in this year’s Veterans Day slide presentation, we need the following information e-mailed to jpeck@scsmustangs.org by October 30th.

  • Student name
  • Student team
  • Veteran’s name
  • Veteran’s relationship to student
  • Branch of the military (example: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard)
  • Where/when served (example: Afghanistan, Desert Storm, WW 2)
  • Picture of veteran (or student and vet) in .jpeg format (included as an attachment)
  • ****If a picture was sent in last year, you don't need to resend, just let us know you want us to use it.


Deadline will be Friday, October 30, 2022

Information must be E-MAILED TO: jpeck@scsmustangs.org

Pictures MUST be in .jpeg format

Do you have an American Flag?

We are looking for for donations at SMS for our Veteran's Day Parade. We have a limited amount of American Flags at our building, and we plan to use them during the parade.

If you have any American Flags that you would like to donate, please send them to the main office. Our Veteran's Day parade will be so much more patriotice if we fill the parade with American Flags to support our Veterans.

Thank you!

SCS Anonymous Reporting System

Parents/students have access to our anonymous reporting system. CLICK HERE to access. The more information shared when reporting, the better chance we have to investigate and support.

Follow SMS on Instagram @ STRONGSVILLEMIDDLESCHOOL or @TheSMSMustangs on Twitter!

Strongsville Middle School


Mrs. Boytim: jboytim@scsmustangs.org

Mrs. Peters/Mr. Howell: jpeters@scsmustangs.org, chowell@scsmustangs.org

Mr. Szczepanski: bszczepanski@scsmustangs.org


Mrs. Pietrocini (6): spietrocini@scsmustangs.org

Mrs. Marozsan (Staats) (7): astaats@scsmustangs.org

Mrs. Gerber (8): kgerber@scsmustangs.org