Tunica Tribe

By: Antonio Phillips

Dressed, Special occasions~

They would wear big feathers on there back to do a ritual. Now we call them parties and dancing when we do it. The kids didn't wear any clothes in the summer back then. The adults mainly wear the clothes because of their work and age. The rituals were only to have fun and to welcome the sun god.


A Lot of their history were about weapons to kill. Tunica made clothing and bow and arrows. They also made clubs and spears to hunt. They mostly killdeer to make a diffrent types of clothes.


There name was pronounced as Too-nih-kha which means "the people". Tunica tribe lived in many different places in the south. Some of the places were Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas, to this day they still live in Louisiana. They shared a lot with the Biloxi tribe and they lived together to this day. That is why they came together and made laws for their people in a small country.


They live in Louisiana and still talk to their tribes. They have their own school and teach their students. Tunica still makes clothes and cook well. They live in the north now called gumbo island. Just saying they don't make the best gumbo haha ;)