Citation Scavenger Hunt

Learning to Cite the Fun Way!

Why do we cite?

How would you feel if you did all the work and someone else took the credit?

This is known as plagiarism. When someone else does all the work and someone else takes the credit without recognizing or mentioning the person who actually did all the work. This is why it is important to know how to cite images, videos, books, articles, and information you use to complete your own research or work. When you cite you are giving credit and allowing recognition of the person who did complete the work that you are borrowing.

What is in-text citation?

In-text citation is when you quote directly from the work you are using. You use an abbreviated version of your actual citation written within your work.

Here are a two examples:

  1. Women are always viewed as "being the weaker vessels" in all romantic tragedies (Shakespeare, Act 1, Scene 1).
  2. According to Sampson, women are viewed as "being the weaker vessels" even though Juliet is a strong woman (Shakespeare, 1597).

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Resources for Citation

Below you will find videos and websites that can help you understand citation, and sources to assist with writing the correct citation.


The Difference Between EasyBib Academic Edition and School Edition
How To Use EasyBib School Edition

Web Pages For Citation and Plagiarism

Understanding Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship?

The appropriate use of technology and our responsible behavior using technology is Digital Citizenship. Teaching our students proper digital citizenship is key to proper use of digital use and information. Below are a few websites that can help students understand digital citizenships.

Are You Ready?

If you feel this was helpful information then you are ready to get to work with citing! If not here are a few more websites to help you further understand citation.