Fabulous First Grade in Rm. G3

Weekly News About 1st Grade in Mrs. Takeshita's Class

This week...

A Field Trip form Came Home

Our first field trip is on Thursday, November 5th. We will be seeing the student production of the play, "Shrek" which will be held at the Maranatha Chapel in 4S Ranch. It is not a religious performance. The permission slip and information letter was sent home yesterday, Monday, Oct. 12.

PLEASE NOTE: I can take only 5 parent volunteers (no siblings please). Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at jtakeshita@powayusd.com. Right now, there are more than 5 parents, so I will do a drawing on Friday afternoon. I will email the parents the results later that day. There is one change from the note: Parents DO NOT need to pay a $5.00 payment. :)

Please add this to your calendar for the field trip: make sure that your child has a disposable sack lunch with water for that day. We will have regular snack (should be packed) and then another snack (provided) right before we leave since the play runs through our regular lunch time.

The Family Math Project: (Number Walk) is Due!

These are due tomorrow! There is no math homework on Tuesday so your child can finish. The number walk is supposed to be in your community (this could be in your home, backyard, street or park). I would rather your child find images of their number rather than you find clipart or photos online. The idea is to think of how numbers are around us and to be creative. We will be sharing on Wednesday, October 14.

If you would like to join us to listen to a small group of students share, please join us after the Wednesday Gathering in our classroom. This would be at 8:30 or so. It should not last more than 20 minutes since I am planning to break up kids into small groups. Please email me if you are planning to attend.

We are Practicing for the Math Test on Unit 2

I will send home the Unit Review that we did in class in your child's Wednesday folder. Please take time to go over the review with your child over the time from Wed.- Mon. by having your child practice some problems like the test.

How Can Parents Help?

  • You can rewrite the problem using different numbers so your child feels more confident.
  • Have your child read the directions with you so they are familiar with the language.

The Unit tests vary from what we do for regular classwork and homework since the test uses "test language." I will be making an additional review worksheet for the test for your child to do on Thursday night. Please make sure that your child takes time to do this additional practice. The math test will be on Tuesday, October, 20.