7 Mindsets

A Life Changing Revolution

Building Relationships

I had the opportunity to visit an elementary school where the students learn with a 7 Mindsets teacher once a week as a part of the rotation with PE, music, and art. On this particular day the 4th and 5th grade students were researching global issues such as poverty and water conservation as they learned about We Are Connected. I pulled up a chair next to a little girl that was reading about endangered animals. I asked her," Wouldn't it be so cool to go on a safari and see some of these animals?" She smiled and replied," I have been on a safari! My family and I saw tigers and SO many elephants. When I present my report I am going to bring pictures of us with the elephants." Wow!

This conversation reminded me of how powerful it is to connect with your students and peers. When we talk to each other and ask one another questions we strengthen our relationships and build trust. We learn things about each other that we may have never known. Mindset lessons are most successful when the classroom is built on a foundation of strong relationships. We are Connected!

Same project... Different Perspective

The student work in the pictures below illustrate how projects and lessons can be taken from the 7 Mindsets portal and modified so they are appropriate for your individual classroom. The students learned about being 100% Accountable in a large K-5 setting and then went back to their classrooms and created unique trees that showed all the ways they were "Growing Through Life". They wrote their experiences on the branches, set goals for themselves, and found accountability partners. Each child grows through life very differently and by changing up the project the kids were able to showcase their individuality.
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