Everything from the 1911 tragedy to the Industrial Rev.

The 1911 Triangle Tragedy. "No one ever thought it would end this way."

On March 25, 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York City caught fire, killing 145 workers. The workers in this establishment were employing young immigrant women who didn't speak English. Each one of the immigrant girls were working 12 hours a day, every day every week. If you didn't go into the factory that day, you would either get fired, or not paid. Most likely, they were fired. Back then, there was no law that said you couldn't lock the workers in. They locked the workers in the building so that they couldn't leave the building when they left, and also so that the workers wouldn't steal anything from the factory. The fire started because a match or a cigarette butt that was thrown into the fabric waste basket. The workers on the top floor were trapped and since the law was passed that you could lock the doors, all the girls on the bottom floors were locked in as-well. You can get more information in next weeks paper.