Alexandria Area High School


Mr. D's Desk

I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season! We are having another great year at AAHS and are thankful for the wonderful students we are able to work with on a daily basis. We are looking forward to sharing more information with you this year by sending out a quarterly newsletter.

As we move into our fifth year at AAHS, we are taking time to reflect on the goals we set for our new high school model. One of our goals is for students to recognize their passion and then pursue their area of interest by either furthering their education or working after high school.

Last year, approximately 88 percent of our graduating class made the decision to continue their education. This is up from past years! A course that is helping seniors confirm their passion and assist them with future decisions, is our Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) classes. This year, almost one-third of our seniors are taking one of our four CAPS classes (CAPS Business & College Microeconomics, CAPS EMTNR, CAPS Healthcare, CAPS Teacher Education).

The CAPS philosophy supports a curriculum that comes from projects assigned by business partners, rather than from a teacher. These projects pertain to real life and provide students with authentic experiences that may influence their post high school decisions; this philosophy fosters a powerful and unique learning experience for those students involved. As I talk to students who take CAPS classes, I hear students who are confident in the direction they want to go after high school. I also observe students building relationships with local businesses that will likely lead to future job opportunities. If possible, I encourage you to learn more about our CAPS classes by talking to current or former CAPS students.

Counselor's Corner

Accuplacer Testing

If you're planning to take any of the following college classes at AAHS next year (grade 11 or 12), you will need to take and pass the Accuplacer Reading test. Sign up to test in the College and Career Center.

  • College American Studies (includes Composition I, US History to 1877, US History 1877 to Present)

  • College Composition I (regular or online)

  • College Composition II (regular or online)

  • US History to 1865 online

  • US History Since 1865 online

  • College Public Speaking

  • College Psychology

  • Nurse Assist/Home Health Aide (CNA)

  • CAPS Business (includes a college Marketing class)

All of the other college classes we offer at AAHS do not require an Accuplacer score. Instead, qualification is determined by cumulative GPA and class rank percentile.

There are a limited number of testing opportunities remaining before registration for 2019-2020 (November 28th, December 19th, and January 30th). When you sign up for Accuplacer testing, please pick up an Accuplacer-prep handout. (Juniors, if you have already taken and passed the Accuplacer, please do NOT sign up to test. You only need to pass it once).

When you come to your testing session, you will need to bring

1) your social security number.

2) a personal e-mail address (NOT your parents' email or your school e-mail).

ACT Information

Seniors who still want to retake the ACT should do so as soon as possible. Log in to to register for one of the next two exams. Although most juniors choose to wait until the State ACT in April, some decide to get a head start and test one time before then. Although that’s not necessary, juniors may want to log in to to take advantage of the free test-prep materials before the State ACT in April. Try ACT’s Question of the Day or free practice test. There are also some ACT prep courses/materials students can purchase on ACT’s website. Start with the free stuff first!

  • The registration deadline for the February 9th, ACT is January 11th (January 18th, is the late deadline, but the cost goes up if your register late).

E-Application for Semester II Concurrent Enrollment Courses

If you are taking a college credit course at AAHS next semester but have not yet e-applied to the college offering that course, now is the time to do so. See Mrs. Maiers in the College and Career Center for e-application instructions for ATCC, Central Lakes College, and/or SMSU.

**Keep in mind you only need to e-apply to a concurrent enrollment college once. If you are already e-applied to our partner colleges for other courses you’re taking this semester, you will not need to do so again.

Senior Meetings and Scholarship Information

Counselors are meeting with seniors to help answer questions about college applications, financial aid, scholarships, housing, sending high school transcripts, and transferring college credits.

Seniors should check the scholarship listing on the AAHS College and Career Center website regularly throughout the school year. Make sure to apply for those you’re qualified for especially the local scholarships! If you have not scheduled a senior meeting with your academy counselor, please stop by the College and Career Center and do so today! Come prepared with your questions.

Freshman Career Expo

9th Grade Career Expo

January 24, 2018

The 9th Grade Career Expo is an annual event in January where individuals representing many different careers come together to give students an opportunity to learn more about what they do.

The expo kicks-off with a keynote speaker at the beginning. This is to get students thinking about the day and what they should be looking for throughout the experience. In addition to the keynote speaker, students get the opportunity to listen to individual speakers share about their careers via break-out sessions.

For these sessions, students choose which ones they would like to attend. Beyond that students are provided with time, in an open format, to visit with different individuals that represent different careers. Informational booths will be set up in the gymnasiums as well.

One of the desired outcomes for this event is to provide students with an opportunity to start networking and to make connections with individuals in the community that work in careers that interest them. This experience also allows students to explore careers within the different academies as they prepare to choose an academy during 10th grade registration. They also get the opportunity to learn more about daily tasks and skills required of different careers, the education/training required, employment outlook/opportunities, and the availability of careers within the local area. Ultimately, the goal is for students to learn about careers that they may like to explore while in high school through course work, field experiences, job shadowing, internships or more. Ideally, this will allow students to be more confident in their decisions regarding post secondary options.

Registration 2019-2020

Students are encouraged to start thinking about coursework for the 2019-2020 school year. Make an appointment with your academy counselor second quarter if you need help planning. Students and parents will be meeting in individual appointments with advisors in February to register for 2019-2020 courses. Parents will have an opportunity to request a specific time slot for their registration appointment through ParentVUE--more information to come in January.