Ship Trap Island

A place for Relaxing


Come to a beautiful island known as Ship Trap island and hunt some of the most dangerous and intelligent animals known to man. Recently we've imported a new type of animal that is highly intelligent and it will get your heart racing hunting it. Our island doesn't cost much to get to, just take a boat to across the pacific until you see the light from our light house and sail gently into our dock specially made out of jagged rock.


You can see some of our amazing animals that have been specially imported from other countries. We source our animals from some of the best breeders in the world. We also have a large range of guns and ammunition coming from some of the best brands in the world that will hopefully give you the best experience we can.

Come see are most spectacular sites


If hunting isn't your thing then don't worry we have top of the line training centers that can hold up to 12 people at once. This training center will teach important skills on how to survive in the wild. There will be a special 3-day event where some of the best hunters get to hunt the worlds most intelligent specie.

Win a Contest

Who ever wins the 3-day hunting trip will get a free trip back to your home in a yacht that has all of the luxuries that you could want. If you don't want to leave the island you can stay there and live in the mansion free of charge for the rest of you life and have our butler Ivan tend to your every need, so remember come to Ship Trap island to participate in our amazing activities.

By Mitchell Boehling and Wesely Kanyok